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If you’re watching 13 reasons Why Season 2, you may be wondering who this woman is that we store seeing hanging around with Hannah’s mom. She’s blonde, she’s living at the residence it seems, and she’s constantly around, providing advice. To be she top top Season 1? that is she? check out on for much more details. This article has boy spoilers v the very first three illustration of Season 2. 

No, you’re no imagining things. The blonde woman we check out all the moment with Hannah’s mommy wasn’t in Season 1. Girlfriend didn’t forget her. And also if you’re reasoning that she’s her second attorney, fine you’re wrong about that too.

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The woman that is with Olivia Baker all the moment is a newcomer come the present — and also to the Bakers’ life. Her surname is Jackie, and Jackie’s own daughter, Tess, eliminated herself in the past. Now Jackie has committed her life to forming an activist group to struggle bullying and misdeeds in school. The show is slowly revealing information around her, and also only a tiny has to be revealed in the first three episodes.

Many viewers at very first thought that she can be Olivia’s second lawyer. However a conversation in between Olivia and also her lawyer, revealed that this isn’t the case. In fact, Olivia’s lawyer doesn’t trust her. The is afraid that she isn’t over there for fully altruistic purposes, and also warned Olivia the she needs to store a manage on what is done. Because that example, the woman lugged a team of world to picket exterior the courthouse, and he was concerned that can actually ache the case.

Now she’s living in Olivia’s house, and also she’s yes, really infiltrated Olivia’s life, becoming one of her just friends. Olivia’s husband and also Hannah’s dad, Andy, didn’t choose Olivia’s decision to discover answers and also pursue the lawsuit, for this reason he’s moved out. Olivia’s alone and pretty vulnerable, therefore if someone desires to take benefit of that, this would certainly be a good time.

At first, before Olivia and also her lawyer talked about Jackie, i was actually worried that Jackie was simply a figment of Olivia’s imagination. But she is indeed real. A push release prior to the show aired described Jackie (played by Kelli O’Hara) as an “anti-bullying advocate.”

Jackie speak Olivia the she’s the just one who truly understands her, and also she’s always on Olivia’s side. She offers her advice and also seems to it is in a friend, however her engine aren’t totally clear. In fact, she oversteps her limits at details times, and Olivia is no happy around it. But she feels choose Jackie is her only friend (aside indigenous Tony), and also she really requirements to forgive her.

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Jackie has gained so associated in Olivia’s life that it’s coming to be worrisome. Go she have a mystery agenda? What execute you think? let us know in the comments below.