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This is control me crazy, so want to short article here in instance someone has actually experienced similar. I have actually a video illustrating the problem. The motor (2003 Yamaha 115 2 stroke) starts and also idles, no problem. I can then run wide open many of the time however then as soon as or twice a trip, it gets right into the start displayed in the video. No matter how much accelerator I offer it, it doesn"t go above 3500 - 3600 rpms. It will certainly run at that rate for as long as I require to. You"ll view at the 1 minute mark just how it battles to plane out when in this state.To get earlier to typical performance, I can just stop and restart the engine. Don"t have to wait, simply stop and also immediately restart and also I am back to normal. You"ll see me do that at the 1:10 mark of the video clip and i am back to rocket-like performance.
I already replaced the fuel-water separator.It appears to it is in a fuel problem so first question, anything rather I should consider?Assuming the is a fuel issue, I keep hearing around the VST filter but I candid can"t uncover the stupid thing on this motor. Is the a culprit and also anyone have a an excellent video or DIY thread?What about the fuel pump? that is easy to gain to, might this be the problem?Thanks in advance, this is control me crazy and too thin to require to an experienced right now!Steve
Had this problem on a 70 2 stroke except I couldn"t also get on airplane before the bogged down. Cleaned the carbs and replaced fuel pump, great as new.
Tell us much more about the motor. It nearly seems electric to me due to the fact that you have the right to shutdown and restart and she’ll run. Fuel demand is high ~ above acceleration for this reason one would assume as quick as friend restarted and also took off the problem would still it is in there?

Yes, it is carbureted and also that should be why i can"t discover the VST . Yeah, i don"t even have come let it sit, simply restart immediately and it seems to reset something. Any kind of idea exactly how to begin troubleshooting electric? What could it be?
I deserve to walk you v diagnostics if you pm me her serial/model numbers so i can obtain you the specs needed. Space you knowledgeable with a multi meter?
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I had similar issue w mine 30. Turned out the fuel filter top top inside part of motor had actually a pinhole leak and was loosing pressure. New print solved problem
I thought fuel first too, but the restarting seems to "reset" the motor so the does begin to feel prefer a sensor or electric of some kind. Starting the process of remove on my following trip.

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It acts favor it goes right into limp mode. Don"t mental me, past my wheelhouse, I have actually no idea just how to help you various other than suggesting you draw it over to BB"s house. (While you are there you could get some spy shots the the "flower bed") shhhh
Anti siphon valve difficult on top of fuel tank. Ethanol particularly rusts the feather valve and also they intermittently stick. Shore guard calls for it in the event the watercraft flips so has does not leak indigenous tank. If friend have access to the height you can remove and also replace. The the 90 elbow brass valve the connects fuel line to optimal of tank. It’s inexpensive and fixed a similar issue i had. The VST tank is feasible they deserve to rust and pit climate clog jets if fuel injection and also a that’s much an ext expensive issue. An excellent luck
Update in case someone rather is looking with a comparable issue. After much diagnosis, finally gave up and also found the appropriate mechanic. Carburetors cleaned and rebuilt and it runs an excellent again. If you have actually a bogging under issue, try bumping the choke easily repeatedly. If it revs up again, profit RPMs, the is most most likely the carburetors.I was about to sink her the end of frustration, however I favor her again now...
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