So over there are plenty of models of Subaru, countless different platforms, or generations. Ns will have to break this up into much more than one article or it will certainly be simply too difficult to follow. This first article will focus on the Subaru Forester, however many the the Subaru models usage the exact same bearing design.

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There are plenty of different sport of the wheel bearing and below are some images of the several of the common designs the the last few years.


This is the old ~ above the left, the to update in the center with the relax in the race

Here we have actually a roller bearing on the left, the update bearing ~ above the right and also a worn/ dmaged hub and also tappered wheel bearing in the middle.

The Subaru Forester native 1998 to about 2003 had actually a pretty significant issue v the longevity the the best rear wheel bearing. I am walk to focus this post on the era very first as the will define a many of common symptoms, along with showing the differences Subaru has made in the style of the wheel bearing.

The very first Foresters came with a roller type rear wheel bearing pictured below. This wheel bearing had actually a longevity issue, and also some didn’t critical 30,000 miles prior to failing. The bearing to be updated very first with a tapered roller bearing, second with a tapered roller bearing v a relax in the outer bearing race and finally through a amendment installation tool and procedure.

Why some wheel bearings last longer than others has actually a lot to do with tires pressure, brake heat, steering patterns and also habits, automobile alignment, suspension device integrity and lastly roadway crown.

Road Crown?

In locations where it rain a lot like my residence state that Washington, over there is the should keep the water turn off of the road as such the roads are paved with a slim inclination come the right, if it to be the various other direction the water and you would veer to the left and also into oncoming traffic. This can put increased pressure on few of the vehicles systems such as the best side wheel bearings.

The Subaru Forester is not the quietest car ever produced, and also sometimes it have the right to be tough for the driver come hear the audible indicators of a failure wheel bearing, however if that seems prefer the roadway noise in your below is loader than normal opportunities are one of the wheel bearings has started come fail, and also if allow go too long, the hub can become damaged. The hub pictured below is pressed into the wheel bearing and also is what the wheel actually bolts up too as well. Acquisition your Subaru to a great shop the will keep an eye or better yet an ear top top these things can aid catch the wheel bearing early.


The recent Subaru bearing is the only bearing girlfriend should have installed, over there are numerous aftermarket versions without the release which theatre a an essential role in longevity, if you very own a Forester and also have had actually to have actually this done over and over you may not of had actually the updated components installed.

Make certain you are acquiring the bearing pictured below.


The front of the Forester supplies a tapered roller bearing and also while they do fail, simply not in ~ the same rate as the rear did. Subaru and most either all Wheel drive or former wheel journey vehicles usage a comparable design.

The work of taking out the bearings, cleaning and repacking every so regularly have lengthy been gone. As soon as the bearings have actually symptoms in a modern vehicle the an outcome is much more expensive yet there is no maintenance like there remained in the older vehicles. As such it is insignificant to expect the grease in the wheel bearing to last forever, and the bearing will certainly overheat if not appropriately lubricated or deserve to fail because that a lengthy list of other reasons.

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So if faced with a wheel bearing issue in a Subaru understand it’s bound come happen, there room 4 that them, and slowly over the life the the vehicle all 4 will probably have to be replaced and also the right rear more than once.

The following Wheel bearing write-up will cover the captured form wheel bearings uncovered in the 2000 and newer Outback and also Legacy and the ones under an extended warranty by Subaru