So #2 Daughter has been driving my wife"s old Trailblazer back and forth to school without issue. She stopped at a store and also when she came out the thing wouldn"t revolve over. I involved her rescue and also did the basic roadside ingredient to no avail. The car came residence on a flatbed and is currently sitting in my shop acquisition up beneficial hobby car space and time. Here"s what I"ve discovered so far. Battery and connections good. If ns jump the starter relay the cranks choose a champ however doesn"t even shot to start. V the key in the start place I have actually power come the #17 position crank fuse and the #22 place ign e fuse. The begin relay is not receiving power. The fuel pump walk not revolve on. The indicator light under the PRNDL dash indicator is not on no matter what gear you placed it in. The gas gauge shows empty and also doesn"t budge. Mine darling daughter cases to have actually filled the the work before. Ns couldn"t check this so ns tried including a pair of gallons to the tank yet no adjust to the gauge reading. I"m suspecting it"s the gear transition indicator move on the next of the transmission. I unplugged it and also cleaned the contacts yet no change. Mine OBD scanner shows no codes. What next? I hate throwing components at cars to solve them.

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Does it have an alarm? Maybe shot a different key?


Sounds favor a transponder crucial failure. The will reason a no start problem with no codes. Try/get a brand-new key.

Thanks for the suggestions. Ns tried a different vital and nothing has changed. As soon as my ignition move went on my Saturn it obtained flakey prior to it failed. This one hasn"t had actually the exact same issue and also power is being sent from the ignition move to the crank and ignition fuses however it isn"t do it to the start relay. This renders me think the ignition switch isn"t the issue however I"ve definitely been known to be wrong.


Does this have a mega fuse like the van do? They deserve to corrode sufficient to cause vast problems. In fact there space a bunch that battery cable related problems in those trucks.


Have you tried disconnecting the battery come reset everything and rule out some software glitch?

Please save the proposal coming. Ns don"t think they have the mega fuse and there"s very tiny voltage drop when I jumper the begin relay contacts to crank the starter but it"s something I"ll examine tomorrow. The battery satellite disconnected overnight to shot and remove a computer system glitch. I"m a little stumped on this one. Barring any revelations I"m picking up a used however tested change position move on Friday and also I"ll try swapping the in to watch if it provides a difference. The setup with this car was come send it down the heat in a couple of weeks due to the fact that I"m replacing my DD and also she"ll obtain my current car. This thing has actually been flawless because that months yet I suspect it to know it"s around to it is in bumped.

Maybe try a defense relearn? protection Relearn

mazdeuce to win me come it. When you to speak no crank and also no fuel pump, that is most likely is security failure.

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Transponder crucial failure is my an initial thought. Once that fails, walk to the relearn. If the fails, go with the troubleshooting for the receiver. If the transponder"s recipient in the shaft isn"t working, that won"t start.

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