Ford just pulled the sheet turn off the brand brand-new 2011 Ford Explorer. It’s a bit various than we’re used to. Traditionally next-gen SUVs room bigger and also badder 보다 the vault generation. While the 2011 Ford traveler is slightly longer than its precursors are, the engines room smaller, the ride height is lower, and also the in its entirety off-roading capabilities are substantially reduced. Jalopnik Editor-in-Chief also goes as much as stating the it’s not an SUV in ~ all. But I don’t think Ford would certainly argue.

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Ford is attempting come reinvent the SUV for the 21st century or some nonsense like that. But what they’ve produced is more crossover 보다 SUV. Where execute I start?

The brand-new Explorer is built around the exact same front-wheel journey unibody platform at this time employed by the Taurus and Flex. It’s rigid frame now supports every the underpinnings and the exterior sheetmetal. Conserving weight (and reduced manufacturing costs) is the reason. But since this SUV is based upon a passenger car’s platform, that means there’s going to be some compromises.

The traditional V8 engine is no longer an option. This clues the very first time because the an initial 1991-1994 generation as soon as a huge American V8 engine wasn’t available. Chances are the it won’t be accessible in future builds either. This platform simple wasn’t draft to support it. Instead, the 2011 Ford traveler has two engine options: a 3.5-liter T-VCT V6 or a 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost. Have to tow her boat? The 290HP V6 (front-wheel drive or 4WD) is the ideal option through a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs. The 2.0L turbo I-4 is only capable of pulling 2,000. Both are paired to a six-speed auto gearbox.


Doesn’t sound favor an SUV, right? Well, possibly Ford is ~ above something. We can all agree the the many off-roading many SUV vehicle drivers ever carry out is as soon as they fight the flowerbed in ~ the mall. Therefore they probably don’t require rear-wheel drive as front-wheel drive often handles poor road conditions better. Moreover, a lot of SUV owners most likely do not require to have the ability to tow a front-end loader. There room plenty of other vehicles to choose from if lock do.

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No, most SUV owners have always needed one SUV-like crossover and also thats what Ford created. The traveler is truly much more crossover-ish 보다 anything else and that could strike residence with a most buyers together they are looking to downgrade from your lumbering V8 sport utility vehicle. Ford’s functioned in a bunch of fancy-pants attributes like one easy-selecting rear diff and also Descent regulate for much safer downhill trips. But those are simply there for justification. This brand-new Ford traveler won’t it is in remembered for its off-roading chops, yet rather for its fuel economic situation (unreleased), construct quality, and safety. Perhaps that’s what the people needs anyway. More info here.