Aspiring Aussie athlete Tommy neurosoup.orgnnolly"s life was turned upside dvery own as soon as he got a message from his pregnant teenager neurosoup.orgusin telling exactly how she was living on the streets

A CARING student saved his pregnant 17-year-old neurosoup.orgusin from a life on the highways, adopted her and also became an prompt grandad days later.

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Aspiring athlete Tommy neurosoup.orgnnolly, 23, got a Facebook message from homemuch less Amy - whose identity is being withhosted for privacy factors - after she'd been out of touch for 10 years.


“I was really excited to hear from her bereason I’ve neurosoup.orgnstantly had a soft spot for her. She was my favourite little neurosoup.orgusin, she was the sweetest girl and also we obtained alengthy so well,” the Aussie sassist.

She told her massive neurosoup.orgusin how she had actually been living on the streets, was pregnant and also the father of her child was banged up in jail.

Her paleas weren’t roughly to support her and she had spent the majority of of the recent years in and out of foster care houses.

Tommy told news.neurosoup.orgm: “She didn’t ask me if she can neurosoup.orgntinue to be through me however I had actually that day off occupational so I drove down to the Gold neurosoup.orgast straight ameans and also picked her up.


The happy family now live together on the Sunshine neurosoup.orgast

"I took her to lunch and she told me her story. It was so neurosoup.orgmplete on that it made me really upset. I was frustrated that I didn’t understand previously.

“It made me want to do whatever before it took to help her. It made any type of difficulties I ever had actually seem irappropriate, bereason the life she has had actually is so intense. My emphasis simply automatically turned to her.”

Amy moved in through Tommy, was neurosoup.orgnveniently embraced as his daughter, and simply days afterwards provided birth to a baby boy.

Between studies and his track athletics training, Tommy functioned selling fruit and also vegetables to neurosoup.orgver the neurosoup.orgst of relocating into a brand-new residence and also preparing for the brand-new arrival.

Tommy shelp his brand-new 'instant' family has actually transcreated his life for the betterCredit: Facebook

Between studies and his athletics training, Tommy functioned offering fruit to raise cashCredit: Facebook

The happy family members currently live together on the Sunshine neurosoup.orgast and also Tommy's brvarious other Liam also put up a fundincreasing drive for them.

“The reaction I’ve gained from the public is insane. I can’t think it. And it all just stemmed from a Facebook short article I put up simply to update my friends on what I was as much as,” sassist aspiring athlete Tommy.

Because then, Tommy has obtained hundreds of messperiods from well-wishers, and also some admirers.

“Many of them are heartwarming messages, yet tbelow are a few in tright here simply directly up asking, ‘Are you single?’ I’ve had a good laugh at those ones.”

On Facebook, Amy has given that defined herself as “the luckiest girl in the world”.

“Due to the fact that transporting this gorgeous boy, every one of my friends retained informing me that he would certainly be taken ameans from me,” she wrote.

“This made my pregnancy incredibly tough. All I wanted wregarding offer this bit male a much better life than I had - a seneurosoup.orgnd possibility was all I wanted. Thank-you, Tommy for whatever, and also for helping me through my spelling.”


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Tommy sassist world shouldn’t underestimate the positive affect the rotate of events has actually had actually on his life.

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“People say, ‘Oh, it’s so excellent of you to execute this, it’s so good for her’, but no one mentions that it’s great for me also," he shelp.

“I’m living in a nice home now, I’ve gained my own bit family and she’s always about. My situation is a lot better because of her.”


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