10 best 3 Doors down Songs list takes a look in ~ a great rock band who climbed to fame in 2000. They offered over 30 million records worldwide. They have released 6 studio albums and have several hit singles. Let’s acquire to understand the band called 3 Doors under a tiny better. The band created in 1996 with original members Brad Arnold (lead vocalist/drummer), Matt Roberts (lead guitarist/backing vocalist) and also Todd Harrell (bass guitarist). They obtained their unexplained name from a authorize on a building. The sign check out “Doors Down” so they added a 3 because there were three members. Harrell asked rhythm guitarist kris Henderson to join the tape in 1998.

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They released their very first album The much better Life in 2000. It to be the 11th best selling album of the year. The is the only album whereby the command singer played the drums. The album peaked at number seven on the charts. Three of the 5 singles made it come the warm 100 charts. The album functions the singles “Kryptonite,” “Loser,” “Duck and also Run,” “Be choose That” and also “Better Life.” The album marketed over 6 million copies.The tape released their 2nd album Away from the Sun in 2002. This album was simply as successful as their previous album. It went platinum in simply two months. The album peaked in ~ number eight top top the charts. It features the struggle singles “When i’m Gone,” “The road I’m On,” “Here without You” and “Away from the Sun.” The album marketed over eight million copies. It managed to sell much more than your debut album.In 2005, they exit their third album Seventeen Days. It got to number one ~ above the charts. It attributes the singles “Let Me Go,” “Behind Those Eyes,” “Live because that Today,” “Here by Me” and “Landing in London (All ns Think about Is You).” The album walk platinum one month after it to be released. This is the only album to feature drummer Daniel Adair. The band hired him while they were on tour. He showed up on this album v the band. That left the band to join Nickelback.The band released their fourth album in 2008. It to be a self-titled album. If the tape was record this album, castle hired another drummer called Greg Upchurch. It to be their 2nd consecutive album to reach number one top top the charts. It sold 154,000 duplicates in its very first week. It functions the singles “Citizen/Soldier,” “It’s not My Time.” “Train,” “Let Me it is in Myself” and “Feet in the Water.” The album offered over one million copies.
They exit their 5th album Time of mine Life in 2011. The album debuted in ~ number three on the charts. It sold over 59,000 duplicates in its first week. This is the last album to feature Roberts before he left the band in 2012. The album features the singles “When you’re Young,” “Every Time you Go,” “What’s Left,” “Back come Me” and also ‘Time of my Life.”Like many bands, 3 Doors under went with band changes. Roberts left the band after their 5th album so he might focus top top his health. Chet Roberts replaced Matt Roberts. Regrettably his health and wellness took a turn for the worst since he passed away in 2016. Harrell was charged v vehicular homicide. He was driving when under the influence of prescription medication. He ended up killing a male while driving. He to be sentenced to 2 years in prison and also six years probation. The band at some point fired him when he to be arrested again for one more DUI. Justin Biltonen replaced him in the band.The band released their sixth album Us and the Night in 2016. This is one of the best breaks between albums. The album debuted at number 14 on the charts. It was number 2 on optimal Rock albums and number one top top the independent charts. It marketed 24,000 copies in its an initial week. It features the singles “In the Dark,” “Still Alive” and “The Broken.”3 Doors Down regulated to have a successful rock career. In enhancement to having a effective career, they are additionally philanthropists. They exit charity singles for various causes. They began a structure called The much better Life structure to give youngsters a opportunity at a far better life. Lock supported number of charities. Over there aren’t too plenty of bands that space willing to take the time to aid people like they do. They verified that lock are an ext than simply rock stars. They room actually people with an excellent hearts. They additionally managed to have actually successful albums and singles throughout their career. Over there aren’t too plenty of bands that can say that every one of their albums debuted in the optimal 20 top top the charts. This top 10 3 Doors under Songs perform will feature some of your hit songs.

# 10 – Duck and also Run

The very first song top top our optimal 10 3 Doors down Songs perform is the social “Duck and Run” indigenous The better Life album. This rock song has an alternate metal and post grunge sound. This is an inspirational song around the human being being versus you. The lyrics space relatable to anyone who has felt that the people was against them. The music is great. The starts with a smooth and also soft beat. Harrell does fantastic job through the soft riffs that the bass and guitar. The music easily switches come a harder rock sound. The drums are really good. The bass and the drums really market the music. Arnold does a good job ~ above the command vocals. His baritone vocals space crisp and also pure. Castle blend really well through the music. He surprisingly doesn’t scream in the music. He additionally doesn’t gain drowned out as soon as the music it s okay louder. He doesn’t belt or hold any notes, however he doesn’t need to.

# 9 – Be prefer That

The following song on our optimal 10 3 Doors under Songs list is the regretful track “Be favor That.” This is one more song indigenous The much better Life album. This ballad has actually a rock, virtually Metallica metal and also Nirvana style grunge sound. This is a coherent song around following her dreams. It additionally talks around missed opportunities. The lyrics of the song are both inspiring and also emotional. Below is some trivia about the song. This song was featured in the movie American Pie 2. The tune was changed so it might fit the movie. This track is a nice readjust for them since it is a ballad. It still has a metal and grunge essence while it maintains a tendency appeal. The tape does great job with the instrumentation. The bass and electric etc are exceptionally appealing. The music isn’t also loud or overwhelming. Arnold’s vocals room soothing and comforting. His vocals do this tune of remorse sound hopeful.

# 8 – It’s no My Time

This optimistic song is from your self-titled album. This song has a tough rock, different rock and post grunge sound. This is a long lasting song about not act what anyone else wants. It is about going versus the human being when the trying to lug you down. This song has a optimistic message about not giving up regardless of the obstacles you face. The a perfect article for anyone that is prepared to offer up on life. The lyrics may come turn off melancholy, however the music gives it an optimistic sound that keeps it from gift depressing. This tune is proof of their philanthropy due to the fact that they composed a track that would aid people. It isn’t just a common rock song. It has actually a deep and an effective message. They are in your wheelhouse musically. The guitars room masterful. They room hard and thumping. It provides you want to play waiting guitar. Arnold sounds amazing. He has actually a tiny grit in his voice. He sounds comparable to Rob cutting board in this song. The takes vocals threats by stop notes. He also belts in the song.

# 7 – Loser

This heartfelt track is indigenous The far better Life album. This ballad has actually a article grunge and different rock sound. This is an emotionally song about a friend who is shedding his fight with sobriety. This song is relatable come anyone that has encountered a household member or friend that is battling addiction. It can likewise be relatable if you are battling with addiction. The music is remarkable on every levels. That relies heavily on the guitarists. The is the perfect melancholy beat because that the topic of the song. The guitars and drums carry the music very well. Arnold is singing about a friend, yet he is to sing it native the an initial person narrative. He stays in character together if he is the one that is addicted come cocaine. His vocals do the song sound even much more touching and moving. That sings this tune a in a reduced register which works v the music.

# 6 – away from the Sun

This melancholy song is indigenous the album that the very same name. This ballad has an alternate rock sound. This is an introspective song around the dark times in his life. Arnold is presenting the human being to what was going top top in the dark clues in his life. The song opens up with slick etc riffs and they set the all at once tone of the song. This track is slower 보다 their other tracks. Arnold’s vocals are strong and room a perfect marital relationship with the lyrics. The belts in the chorus. He likewise shows versatility when he attempts to organize notes in the song. The instrumentals room excellent. The bass and also guitars room not as conquer in this track as they are in their various other work. The tune doesn’t feature a etc solo, which to be a great change. It provides the listener a possibility to gain Arnold’s vocals.

# 5 – right here By Me

The following song on our top 10 3 Doors under Songs perform is the heartbreak track “Here by Me” native the Seventeen days album. This ballad has actually a soft absent sound. This is a emotional song around losing a love and also wanting the love to return. The music is soft and also somber. This monitor is an extremely radio friendly. It has a popular music rock appeal. Lock don’t have too plenty of tracks the sound favor pop rock. Their hardcore absent fans have the right to enjoy this also though it has actually a soft beat. It seems as if the score of this track is to focus on Arnold’s vocals. His vocals room louder 보다 the music so the listener can focus on just how heartfelt he sounds as he is expressing his feelings for the mrs he lost. The keeps his vocals soft transparent the monitor to match the soft music. He might have belted, yet it no needed.

# 4 – let Me Go

This break up track is from their Seventeen Days album. This song has an alternative rock and post grunge sound. This is a soft song about him break up v someone. Below is some trivia about the song. This song was supposed to it is in on the soundtrack because that the Spider male 2 soundtrack. The tune didn’t make the cut so the band decided to store it for themselves. It was a great decision because it fits for them. This is a classic 3 Doors down single. You will be hooked top top the music the second you hear the song. The starts turn off slowly and then choose up the speed by the very first chorus. This monitor sounds favor something that you would certainly hear ~ above the radio. This was a an excellent track to present the album to their fans. Arnold’s vocals room incredible. That belts throughout the song. The sounds really seasoned on this track. He attempts to hold notes in the bridge. The does obtain a little drowned out when the music gets louder in the bridge, but it no hurt the song.

# 3 – as soon as I’m Gone

This pleading tune is indigenous the Away indigenous the Sun album. This song has a short article grunge and hard rock sound. This is a somber song around loving someone while they are gone. This is around needing someone to it is in there because that you once you’re gone. The title of the song may mislead you and also make you think it’s around someone passing away. This no a song about death. The a song about someone walking away and also wanting to it is in loved when they acquire back. The music is because that hardcore absent fans. The team is in their facet musically. The guitarists gain their opportunity to really shine in this track. Favor some the the other songs ~ above this list, the tune starts turn off softly and also then explodes as soon as it gets to the chorus. Arnold’s vocals are like a great marriage v the music. The music is an ideal for his voice. He sings in his signature baritone voice. His voice gets gritty as soon as he belts the hook. He likewise holds impressive notes towards the end of the chorus, which room a pleasant surprise.

# 2 – below Without You

This bittersweet track is native the Away from the Sun album. This song has a post grunge and also soft rock sound. This is a passionate song about breaking up with someone. This is an additional radio trusted song. That has great crossover appeal due to the fact that it deserve to appeal to pop fans as well as rock fans. There are an excellent guitar riffs from the rhythmic and also electric guitars that room outstanding. The drums deserve to be heard in the an initial pre-chorus that the track. The simplicity that the drums provides the tune a pop and soft rock sound. The strings include to the emotion of the music. It adds to the authenticity the Arnold’s heartfelt lyrics. The monitor takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster as he sings around what’s walking on in his relationship. Arnold take away vocal threats in this song. That harmonizes v himself transparent the song. That belts and holds note throughout, which sells the song. This can have quickly been number top top our optimal 10 3 Doors down Songs list, however the spot walk to an additional song.

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# 1 – Kryponite

The number one track on our height 10 3 Doors down Songs perform shouldn’t come together a surprise to anyone. The number one track on our perform is the energetic “Kryponite” indigenous the Better Life album. This is the tune that introduced the human being to 3 Doors Down. The song has actually an alternative rock sound. This is a melodic song about him questioning someone’s loyalty to him. He wants to recognize if someone will be there for him regardless of even if it is or no times are good or bad. The unexplained title that the song is identified with Superman, i beg your pardon is a lyric in the song. The music is upbeat and also will have actually you bopping your head. You have the right to actually dance to this song. The instrumentation is for sure stellar. The guitars and drums room masterful. Arnold’s vocals are on point. The races v the verses and then slows under the pace in the chorus. His voice sounds melodic. This song increased to fame on MTV’s TRL and it’s straightforward to see why. That a an excellent song with a an excellent beat. It additionally lyrically speak a story in spite of the distinct title. Everything about this track works. The track deserves its clues in the number one spot.