Camera tracking in AE analyses camera movement in the 2D shoot to develop a 3D camera space based top top the motion of the shot. Essentially, that will try to produce the same 3D space that exist in the actual reality of the shot. You have the right to then composite other pictures that will complement the camera activity in the shot.

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Start with your camera footage. Make certain thatit’s steady sufficient for AE to monitor well. A lot of shakiness or movement blur cansometimes reason problems and also throw off your tracker.

Import her camera assets right into the project.

Create a brand-new Composition:

In the project Panel, traction the clip into the brand-new Composition icon to create acomposition that matches the clip size and duration. The brand-new Composition icon appears next to the bin icon.


In this example, here"s a clip showing a footpath. The camera shot is hand-held so over there is some slight motion. When the camera tracker is applied, the clip background and motion will certainly be analysed.


Apply track Camera come the clip:

With the clip selected, go to

Animation > track Camera

AE will begin to analyse the elevator in her clip. If friend don’t have actually much lamb in her computer, it could be ideal not to do anything till the analysing is done.


With the evaluation complete, the picture will present several dots. These are described as 3D track points, representing the loved one positions the pixels in three-dimensional space. Together you scroll through the clip, you"ll notification that the dots will stay in place. These track points will certainly be offered to produce the 3D place where objects can be placed.

In the project Panel under impacts Controls..."ll discover the Camera Tracker impacts controls. Look at under advanced and you’ll watch data for mean Error. Anything listed below 1 pixel works finest in AE. The thing to prevent in act camera tracking is anything that consists of motion blur or glare. Keep it simple.

However, if you"re working from a slower computer, girlfriend might shot analysing the background by making use of the Detailed analysis option. Inspect the box. It may take a few minutes for the evaluation depending on your computer system.


In the impact Controls for 3D Tracker:

Click on 3D Camera Tracker name and also move your reminder over the image. Together you hover the guideline on height of the image, the will show up as a target, or choice ring, that moves loved one to plenty of of the dots. The target is usually a aircraft that reflects the perspectives in ~ the image that exists between multiple points. Girlfriend can change the size of the target by slide the Target size in the effect controls.

As you move the target over the tracking points it transforms perspective. Essentially, the target grabs onto 3 tracking clues to produce a airplane surface for you to affix things to in your 3D camera space.

You can additionally create your very own target by choosing 3 tracking points. Click the tracking points, hold shift and click on two more.

Try to location the target so the it matches the perspective. Then right click on the target to show a collection of options. We"re walk to make things straightforward by choosing the following:

Create Solid and Camera.

Look in the timeline and you need to see a Solid and also a 3D Tracker Camera. The monitor Solid is also a 3D layer.
At the bottom the the ingredient window, you have the right to click wherein it says active Camera to present other options for viewing the image. Wherein it says 1 View, you deserve to click to pick 4 Views and also it will show something the looks prefer the illustration below:

If girlfriend scroll v the clip, you will view a depiction of the camera relocating the very same as the camera the was supplied to take it the footage. The solid the you developed will imitate the same motion as her camera.

You deserve to then change the position and also size the the solid come align it v objects in the photo to gain a feeling of the perspective. Select the monitor Solid in her Timeline and also open increase the transform properties. Readjust the position and rotation to try and complement the view closer. If you still can not quite complement the solid’s positions v the camera perspective, just undo and try selecting brand-new tracking points.

Then, add a Grid effect to display the perspective. Walk to the Effects and also Presets search field, type Grid and then drag it to the monitor Solid layer. The solid will be changed by a net patter that will certainly look something favor the illustration below:
Scroll v the clip come observe exactly how the grid moves. The should adjust along through the alters in the perspective.Go to the Timeline, select the monitor Solid great and form P to present the position properties. Click on the place properties and also then copy by click Command + C. The position information from the solid deserve to be climate be pasted into the position properties that the new image, which will certainly then stick come the solid layer.
Replace the solid through a new image
Let"s speak you have picture like the one below. It can be anything, but ideally, the picture should come with a transparent background. A PNG document works nicely. Or you have the right to make your own in Photoshop.
Drag the brand-new image come the top of her timeline layers. Do this photo a 3D class by clicking in package under the 3D cube. With the image selected, click ns to reveal its place properties and also then click the place properties. Now click Command + V to paste the position properties native the monitor Solid. This will attach the photo to the solid, which is attached come the 3D tracking points. In the Timeline, revolve off the monitor Solid by clicking the "eyeball" to the left. This will revolve off the grid.Change the size and perspective that the photo to complement it more closely v the view in the background. Role the clip and also you"ll uncover the image is locked v the camera movement.

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Locking message with the camera movement

Instead of one image, include a text layer and don"t forget to collection it come a 3D layer.

The position information from the solid deserve to be copied and pasted into the position of the text. The text will then stick to the heavy layer.