Nintendo 3DS is a renowned handheld gaming console the was initially launched in 2011. Much more than 60 million consoles have actually been transport worldwide. This tiny device is quiet the number one portable gaming console for many players.Unfortunately, the Nintendo 3DS and also Nintendo 3DS XL room sometimes influenced by Internet link problems. And also restarting the console no is here to help you out. In this article, we’ll present how to resolve Nintendo 3DS Internet connection issues. You’ll reap your favorite games in no time!

Fix Nintendo 3DS No internet connection

1. Check your net settings

Oftentimes, if her Nintendo 3DS won’t affix to Wi-Fi, this is a security setup problem in between the 3DS and the wireless accessibility point. Make certain that you gone into the exactly security key and check your router settings. Also, keep in mind the Nintendo 3DS consoles only supports 2.4 GHz frequency networks v 802.11b/g modes.Some users evidenced that disabling all protection and transforming on just MAC filtering aided them deal with this link issue. Friend can shot this tip as it might work because that you as well.Other users likewise noticed that Internet link problems sometimes take place when utilizing a long Wi-Fi broadcast surname that also contains spaces. So, make certain that your network’s surname is less than 10 letters, and only has letters, numbers and underscores.Don’t forget to power cycle her modem/router, collection up a brand-new Internet connection and use WEP. Together a rapid reminder, Nintendo 3DS net is not supported on WPA security.

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2. Change DNS settings

You deserve to also shot to manually enter DNS settings in stimulate to fix this problem.Go come the house menu > mechanism Settings > select Internet settings > link Settings.Now, choose the connection paper > go to readjust Settings > navigate to DNS.Select ‘No’ because that the ‘Auto-Obtain DNS’ choice > walk to comprehensive Setup.Delete the existing primary DNS setups > enter > select OK > return to the DNS screen.Go come ‘Secondary DNS’ > get in > select OK > conserve > yes sir > Test.

3. Check your modem/ router

Install the latest firmware to update on your modem/router and then keep the settings at default. If you’re making use of a quite old modem/router, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

4. Additional Fixes

Move closer to her WiFi hotspot. Maybe your 3DS console is no getting sufficient signal to connect to the Internet.Delete the WiFi connection information conserved on her console. Manually re-enter your WiFi password.Make certain you’re no trying to connect to a minimal network. For example, your college campus network will certainly block your console.There girlfriend go, ns hope that the suggestions provided in this write-up helped you solve your Nintendo 3DS Internet connection problems.As always, friend can help us boost this guide by listing extr troubleshooting proposal in the comment below.

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References:How to attach to the Internet, Nintendo Support.3DS is connecting come router, yet not the internet.

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