If the moment has involved replace your boat"s water pump, you could want come know how to download a brand-new one on her own. A couple of different Johnson water pumps run v 50 horsepower, including the 1958-59, 1971-75, 1979-88 and 1989-2005 models, and also some the the three-cylinder models.

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Items friend will require

Evinrude Johnson gasket sealing compound

Wheel bearing grease

Pump hosing, around 3 inches

New impeller, around 3 5/8 inches

Gasket retaining compound

eliminate the Johnson reduced unit from the boat. Eliminate the water pump"s mounting bolts. Eliminate the O-ring from the journey shaft. Eliminate the water pump case. Inspect for sand, dirt and also debris in the strength head, and flush it out if necessary. Use a screwdriver to remove the impeller. Keep in mind the place of the plastic key, climate remove and replace it. Clean the water pump vital area. Usage an emery fabric to clean up the shaft, if necessary. Eliminate the water pump pipe screw. Eliminate the gasket compound from the reduced unit.
Mix the gasket sealing link well. Clean the reduced unit"s water pump surface ar area. Ar the gasket sealing compound on both sides of the gasket. Download the stay plate. Install the impeller key. Note the place of the key held through the wheel bearing grease. Install the pump cup in the pump housing. Line up the pump cup in the pump housing. Sheathe the impeller v wheel bearing kind grease. Keep in mind the key-way ar of the impeller prior to installing on the journey shaft. Install the grease impeller ~ above the drive shaft. Note area for seal or O-ring area. Ar the gasket sealing compound in the seal O-ring area. Install the large O-ring kind pump real estate seal remove gasket link from the pump cup. Location grease in impeller area that the pump cup. Rotate the drive shaft in a clockwise direction, pushing down ~ above the pump housing at the exact same time. Note the dimension of the brand-new impeller and also housing. Turn the drive shaft in a clockwise direction while pushing down. Revolve it four or 5 times till the impeller is seated. Install every bolts, turning them through hand 2 or 3 ties to heat up through the pump housing. Finish bolt installation. Include the gasket link to the bottom that the bathtub guide. Install a screw in the tub guide and also base assembly. Install the grommet on the water pump base. Keep in mind the place of the grommet and the tub guide to ensure clearance. Clean the O-ring area on the journey shaft. Clean the spline ~ above the journey shaft. Download the O-ring top top the journey shaft.

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If you occupational on your outboard motor as soon as your watercraft is top top its trailer, or her motor is on a warehouse stand, eliminate the propeller nut through a wrench and also slide the thrust hub, propeller and washers indigenous the propeller shaft. Fail to remove a propeller before operating an outboard the end of the water throughout maintenance or lengthy term warehouse is an invitation to a propeller-strike injury, which can maim or kill. Disconnect the an adverse cable of your battery prior to performing any type of maintenance job-related on your outboard engine to prevent electric shock or accidental starting. Remove the seed from the an adverse post with a 5/16-inch box-end wrench. Elevator the cable from your battery, move it outside of the battery box and also close the lid of the battery box.

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