The show is legit. Please I anxiety don’t get this combined up v prison! that a whole different game. Jail is various from what ns hear from mine son and also homeboys. Now me being there myself in Fulton ar Tebow to be loud however could t fight. He was the end of breath so there is that. To trust me this show at least in mine season and season 3 it no fake. It to be harder 보다 shit. Plus us were snitches only against guards again only for guards never ever for inmates. Questions?

I think it’s genuine for the many part. At least initially it most likely was. Ns haven’t checked out the newer seasons so ns can’t speak on those.

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It’s mad weird because every time I’ve viewed this show I feel choose the human being that were the many legit and also convincing and most likely had remained in prison before ended up obtaining scolded at the finish of the display when they execute the recaps. Climate again ns guess the show is about how an excellent of a rat you can be so maybe that just rubs me wrong and that’s why ns feel the way. Present is corny af and also so is the asshat that a warden yet that’s simply my 2 pennies.

I recognize where you're comes from.

When I'm watching the show, I'm watching it to view how world that usually would not find themselves in jail reaction to the whole process. However, they make it very clear throughout the show that that is a show around informants reporting back to the warden/whoever around what's going on behind the scenes.

While viewers like you one I probably favor the participants the play the part of one inmate as we favor to watch it, it to be made clear to them that their purpose is to watch (while engaging in minimal/no criminal behavior) and report back; those that go 'against the grain' acquire shit for it.

I'm speaking through 0 knowledge around the show's production, however I imagine it it s okay harder and harder to save the display genuine together it gets more exposure. In any type of event, I'll save watching lol

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Can’t was standing this show. Everything around it screams fake.

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For the very first time in “60 work In” history, much more participants struggle to endure the extreme program and also are forced to quit the regimen early, together the newly elected Sheriff bring away over among the worst framework the collection has ever seen.




Created Mar 13, 2016
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