7 days to die 1.18 update will quickly roll out on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the 7 Days to Die upgrade 1.18 patch notes, the brand-new Patch 13 contains various pest fixes and game improvements. In addition, the 7 Days come Die variation 1.18 patch has actually addressed an concern that would cause stamina to decrease while wade after being teleported native a trader settlement. Check out full details below.

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7 Days come Die update 1.18

7 days to die 1.18 PS4 & Xbox One update Patch Notes

Gameplay 7 Days come Die variation 1.18 addressed an problem that would avoid a smelted product from gift usable, also when that was available in the Forge. Resolved an issue that would cause the quest to discover a trader to need a specific trader to be found; currently it will certainly pick the nearest trader and update the target as soon as the player moves closer come another. The latest 7 job to die PS4 and Xbox One Update has fixed an concern that would cause the trader’s UI to close as soon as a second player would leave a container in split-screen multiplayer. Handle an problem that would reason the “Cannot Breathe” indicator come vanish when underwater. 7 Days to Die upgrade 1.18 handle an issue that would cause stamina to decrease while walking after being teleported from a trader settlement. Addressed an circumstances of an problem that would occasionally cause blocks to generate without the support and also create a massive collapse when broken. Addressed an concern that reasons interactive objects come be interacted with when an object on height of them was picked up. 7 days to die 1.18 resolved an problem that enabled medical items to be provided on specific inanimate objects (like minibikes). Resolved an problem that led to a ruined bedroll’s indicator to persist after ~ rejoining the game session. Fixed an worry that would reason terrain to deform ~ a zombie would degeneration on height of it. Handle an problem that occasionally caused items being repaired to have actually their level dropped come 1. 7 job to dice Xbox One UpdateArt/Audio 7 Days come Die version 1.18 fixed an concern that was causing distant terrain come render using different shaders than in previous patches. Fixed an issue that would cause weather results to affect hosts and also clients with different severities. The latest 7 job to die PS4 and Xbox One Update has fixed an concern that resulted in the underwater impacts to disappear once viewed v a Sniper Rifle scope. 7 work to die 1.18 addressed an worry that would sometimes prevent all but the first letter of lengthy words indigenous being displayed on wood signs. Solved an problem that allowed the player come shrink a torch in an energetic toolbelt slot. System/Stability addressed a crash the would occur when combining details clothing items on the workbench and also equipping them. 7 Days to Die version 1.18 also fixed an concern that would reason the world to regenerate after the console had its language changed.

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Check your game update and download latest 7 work to die 1.18 update on Xbox One and also PS4.

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