Chicago’s 8 count Boxing Gym opens up This Monday, Dec. 12th!

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Former WBC Lightweight Champion David Diaz training in ~ the site of the brand-new boxing gym (Juan C. Ayllon photo).

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CHICAGO, IL (December 10,2011) Longtime Chicago boxing promoter DominicPesoli will open up 8 counting Boxing Gym (410 N. Oakley, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60612) this Monday, December 12th.

“I’m thrilled to it is in openingthe 8 count Boxing Gym this coming Monday. Having operated for plenty of years together aboxing promoter and also trainer I understand how vital a high top quality trainingfacility have the right to be for athletes of all levels” stated Pesoli. (continue reading…)

‘Solo Boxeo Tecate: publicly City hit Night 18 fan Appreciation Night’ Friday, august 26

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All Floor seat $36

CHICAGO, IL, June 20, 2011 — golden Boy Promotions and Dominic Pesoli’s 8 counting Productions space pleased come announce the they will team up to present ‘SOLO BOXEO TECATE: publicly CITY struggle NIGHT 18′ top top Friday, respectable 26 at Chicago’s UIC Pavilion. 

As a distinct summer time bonus come Chicagoland hit fans, all reserved floor seats, generally priced in ~ $101, $76 and also $51, will certainly be priced at $36. (continue reading…)

Windy City fight Night 18 fan Appreciation Night Friday, august 26th: all Floor seat $36!

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CHICAGO, IL, June 16, 2011 — Dominic Pesoli’s 8 count Productions, home OF THE finest IN CHICAGO BOXING, presents WINDY CITY struggle NIGHT 18 ~ above Friday, respectable 26th at Chicago’s UIC Pavilion, it was announced today.

As a unique summer time bonus come Chicagoland hit fans, all scheduled floor seats, generally $101, $76 and also $51, will be priced in ~ $36. (continue reading…)

8 count Productions family members Welcomes brand-new Addition

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CHICAGO, December 21, 2009 – Longtime Chicago boxing promoter Dominic Pesoli and also his wife Tina welcomed their an initial child, Dominic Vito, on Sunday night, December 20th. The baby young weighing in in ~ 7 pounds, 3 ounces, 22 inches long was born in ~ 10:35pm. Both the baby and also mother are doing very well.

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 Along v 8 count Productions, Dominic and Tina space co-owners that JABB Boxing Gym in Chicago.


Rita Figueroa (left) floor a jarring left hook come the face of Tammie Johnson (photo by Juan C. Ayllon)