Red Dead Redemption 2 has 5 hunting Request Locations. Perfect all hunting Requests is needed for 100% Completion. Castle count together a kind of collectible. This guide describes exactly how to get the perfect carcasses and also where to find the animals to complete the RDR2 searching requests.

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The very first four are easily accessible in thing 2 (but there is no the deadeye ability from thing 6 the marks an essential hit point out these are pretty much difficult anyway therefore don’t bother until having actually beaten the game). The critical one only unlocks in the Epilogue for this reason you need to play through the story very first to complete them all.

To start them you must find a poster at one of the train stations. The means it functions is that you have to kill particular animals (ideally through 3-star quality) with the weapon comprehensive in the below guide. The carcasses have to be in perfect condition, meaning it needs to be a clean death (1 shot kill in the weakpoint v the best weapon). 3-star pets are guaranteed to give a perfect carcass ~ above a clean kill. Friend can also get perfect carcasses from 1-star and 2-star animals, but sometimes castle are just in “good” condition. Just kill all pets of the required form and choose up your bodies, take it special treatment with the 3-star ones. Never ever skin the animals, simply pick up their carcass and also you should see an update for the searching request in the top left corner. After you uncovered all the are needed for one hunting request, you have the right to return come the write-up office to letter a “filled request” to Ms. Hobbs. After sending a to fill request ago to Ms. Hobbs you should collect she reward native the write-up office after 24 hrs to begin the next searching request. The pets have details spawn locations but these room all in-depth in the guide. First, we’ll go with the hunting in an ext detail again.

Important: The legend Buck Trinket helps v this! that increases animal quality when you collect them. You obtain it through skinning the legend Buck and then do the Buck Trinket in ~ a Fence. Through this I had the ability to pick up 1-star and also 2-star carcasses and they tho counted together “perfect”.

How to obtain Perfect Carcasses

First, to buy bait from a Trapper or general Store. All animals from hunting requests call for Herbivore Bait. Share up top top 99 Bait, you’ll burn through it rapid (you deserve to buy Legend the the east Satchel from a Fence ~ the story to gain 99 inventory slots or have actually Pearson craft it for you during the story).Next, gain the Varmint Rifle native a Gunsmith (if you don’t already own it). Girlfriend can change your weapon at the horse.Grab the hunting request poster and go come the pet spawn zones presented below and place the bait in a far area (away indigenous roads), but where girlfriend can easily see the pull close animal. E.g. Place it where there’s not too much grass and also walk up a hill wherein you have actually a clear view. Crouch and stay quiet at the very least 20 meters away from the bait. This go not work for birds, those aren’t attractive by bait! You can also ride / run about the generate areas and hope to conference the pet but it deserve to be difficult to acquire a clean kill when they get spooked and run away from you.When an pet comes, use the binoculars to research it (R1/RB). Then it shows the pet name. You can press R1/RB again to see the animal’s rarity (shown in bottom ideal corner). 3-star animals will constantly drop perfect pelts on a clean death – however the rarity is random and also a little like winning the lottery. If they spawn with 1 or 2 stars you deserve to still acquire a perfect carcass top top a clean kill, specifically when you have actually the legend Buck Trinket equipped. Once the below guide perform the weapons “Small game Arrows” & “Varmint Rifle”, it’s much better to usage the small Game Arrows together they have a much better chance of leaving behind a perfect carcass!You have to kill the animal with a CLEAN KILL. That way 1 hit kill. You should shoot that weakpoint i beg your pardon is usually the heart or the head. To view all the weakpoints you must an initial beat thing 6 Story Mission “Goodbye, to ~ Friend”. After that mission friend unlock a deadeye ability that highlights vital spots. So yeah, you have to pretty much beat the game before hunting challenges are feasible.To obtain a clean kill you need to use the suitable weapon. Using a caliber too huge will damages the carcass. Using a caliber too tiny won’t death the animal in one struggle and similarly damage the carcass. The appropriate weapon is pointed out in the overview below. For all of them, the Varmint rifle will work-related – however the tiny Game Arrows are finest for the tiny animals as it increases the possibility for perfect carcasses. Girlfriend can likewise see the recommended tools in the compendium after examining the animal. For birds the Varmint Rifle is easier, because that tiny rodents the small hunting arrows are easier.Once you have actually all the perfect carcasses necessary for the searching request, go come a write-up office and mail them come Ms. Hobbs (hold
at short article office). You can only send the letter after you acquired ALL the pets needed to satisfy the request. After sending the mail, wait 24 hours, go back to short article office to gain your reward and it will begin the next hunting request.

Summing up: you have one luck-based factor that’s getting the animal to spawn. Then you must know what weapon to death it with (pointed out in guide) and then you have a skill-based factor of having to death it in a clean shot. If girlfriend don’t death it in one shot it’s too late, the carcass won’t it is in perfect condition and you can look because that a new animal. Suppose this to take approximately 20 hours (or more) for every 5 hunting requests, relying on luck and your skill.

Can’t obtain an pet to spawn? shot this: make a hands-on Save, battered to location Screen, Continue. It will cycle with the pets in the area every time you perform this. The video game seems to generate at least one 3-star animal in the area and quitting provides different animals show up. Do a camp and also advancing time can likewise help.

Glitch Warning (Quest not progressing): when completing a hunting Request (when sending a mail to Ms. Hobbs), make sure you perform not have any kind of other perfect carcasses for the next searching request in her inventory! Otherwise, the game might glitch out and never offer you the follow-up quest, thus making it difficult to finish the hunting requests and also thus the 100% completion! There’s yet an additional glitch; when you’ve already gotten a larger carcass (rabbit, opossum, skunk, beaver) and you conserved the video game after, but reloaded the save, climate the carcass deserve to simply disappear and also is no longer checked off in your quest log. The is thus best to store these pets for critical or to do the entire request in one sitting with no reloads.

Glitch Warning #2 (Posters not available): part players have reported no being may be to uncover the posters anywhere. This could be due to the fact that you have the stranger mission “The Ties that bind Us” active. For this reason if you can’t uncover the posters, it’s many likely because you welcomed this mission, and completing it have to fix the issue.

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Hunting inquiry Locations

There are 5 train stations wherein you can find a poster that starts the searching Questline. You only require to gain one of this posters, the following quests will create automatically. You just do one request and after mailing all animals, the next hunting request gets included to her satchel instantly. So just pick any kind of of this 5 to acquire started, e.g. The one indigenous Valentine.