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About A Bizarre Day:

I played this game mostly to suffer the mechanics, as I have actually never used… scissors, in VR before, and here you acquire a large pair! I have to say it works fairly well, though take it a bit to obtain used to, largely that I maintained angling my wrists however in truth you simply need to use the positions of your hands to manage the scissors. 👀

The game starts off straightforward but difficulty does ramp up together you progress, the levels near the end can gain quite intense indeed 😅 so it’s both easy to gain into yet should be complicated to beat. Ns was streaming once playing so ns went v it there is no trying come maximize my scores, so usually I rushed it, trying come get much better ratings would obviously provide you more play time.

Pro tip: youngsters can play it if you pick seated mode in the settings. Otherwise part things deserve to be rather high up!

Note: This did have actually me bang mine controllers together a bit, my very own fault as the scissors don’t force that, but then that does get reasonably hectic so difficult not to! 😬

All in all, certainly worth the if you’re interested in the the mechanics, it’s a novel experience 😗

Bizarre Barber is such a singularly unique and also strange mix of experience and also aesthetic the the sensation I acquired from starting it reminded me of my very first play that Katamari Damacy. At the time of that game’s release, its separation, personal, instance vision and gameplay mechanics to be both strange in mix and presentation, as well as not yet embraced as a collection or school of gaming history. V BB, those mechanics are straightforward enough to pick up and play, but difficult to master and also physically demanding together a work out. Her hair chopping will get you moving in every directions and trying various gestures in the space. This is every while surrounded in an atmosphere that is really immersive by way of presentation regardless of being just forward facing and also on-a-rail-of-sorts. The subway, and funky, alien entities riding it receiving the haircuts creates a vivid diversity punctuated by sound design like the metro if every its sound was developed by Cardi B.

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All elements make this among the most brand-new York-feeling games that I’ve ever played, together strange as that might seem. If you’re down with vibrant, whimsical, weird stuff, check this out.

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