According come Newton"s 3rd law that motion, all pressures in the universe happen in equal, however oppositely directed pairs.

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A little car is advertise a larger truck that has actually a dead battery. The mass of the truck is larger than the massive of the car. I beg your pardon of the adhering to statements is true?


(a) The automobile exerts a force on the truck, but the van doesn’t exert a force on the car.

(b) The vehicle exerts a larger pressure on the truck 보다 the truck exerts ~ above the car.

(c) The vehicle exerts the same amount of pressure on the truck together the van exerts top top the car

(d) The truck exerts a larger pressure on the vehicle than the car exerts top top the truck

(e) The van exerts a force on the car, yet the vehicle doesn’t exert a force on the truck

The correct answer is C. Please define how you arrived at your answer.

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