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To find a Girl
Follow the Boat, harbor of Lawlessness or Monger Down

Objective: talk to Damalis

Damalis have the right to be discovered at the feather of Peirene, just up the stairs native Anthousa"s location. Speak through her come learn around her problem with a customer and agree to aid her.

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Objective: with the client’s house

After the scene, head downhill indigenous the Akokorinth and also make your means to the objective marker in the northwest ar of Korinth and also then speak through Phoibe. It turns out the she"s to be spying top top the client and has some details that might be useful.


Once inside the building, study the complying with clues:

The lock that hair top top the table through the fruitThe chains and oil ~ above the floor, opposite the aboveThe clay impressions of body parts mounted on the back wall

Objective: death the guard

After the scene that follows, you"ll need to resolve one of the Monger"s men. When not specifically challenging, the confined an are makes things a little bit trickier once it concerns dodging his attacks. If you"ve cleared the end the courtyard, attract him the end of the building and attack him there, return civilians may also join the fight.

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Objective: Report earlier to Damalis

You can now make your method to Damalis, located in the marketplace come the phibìc of the temple of Apollo to finish the quest.

Reward: XP, Drachmae, bent Obsidian blade (Rare)

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