Athens is complete of renowned Athenians and also one of the an ext interesting ones is Hippokrates. Dad of the Hippocratic Oath that medical professionals take once treating patients, the values human life above everything else, yet he is certainly going with some thoughtful dilemmas. In this guide, you"ll find all the details you need to make notified decisions for him and also how to complete his next quests.

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Hippokrates side pursuits guide

If you want to explore a different region, head earlier to ourAssassin"s Creed Odyssey side quests overview for a complete list that the various regions. Alternatively, over there is additionally theAssassin"s Creed Odyssey overview for everything else this huge game needs to throw in ~ you.

Hunting Party

In Thebes, there will certainly be a search to complete where a searching party was ambushed through vicious monsters. Hippokrates will certainly ask for you to conserve them. In a adjacent cliff close to snake Head rock - in the center of the Cursed floor of Oedipous, you"ll watch a guy being struck by 2 bears. Kill them, then placed the male on the ago of her horse and also ride ago to Hippokrates.

Let my patients Go

Hippokrates has an honest dilemma together he recognises the man as a slave trader. Your hero can suggest that by releasing the slaves and also saving his life, he have the right to make a new start. The Melanippos servant camp is east of Lake Kopais, i beg your pardon is in the Boeotia region. Totally free the 3 slaves and also avoid getting them eliminated by the guards. Upon returning to Hippokrates, he"ll still it is in indecisive about whether to heal the man. Talk him straight to complete the quest. Hippokrates will then next be seen tending to a patient who wants to die. Refuse to death the patient and you"ll ultimately be offered a quest.

Inheritance Insurance

The old man - Pentheus, fears the his family tree is in ~ stake, for this reason asks you come steal treasures from a rival"s residence in order come ensure his family"s future. Head to the Leader residence of Thebes nearby and loot every the treasure chests, being certain not to obtain caught. When you"ve excellent so, return to the old man. He will certainly ask friend to to convince Hippokrates to kill him. Refuse and let that sleep. You"ll acquire a Healer"s Sash and also some money for your trouble. Hippokrates will certainly then beckon girlfriend over for a chat.

Too lot of a great Thing

The hemlock the Hippokrates asks friend to get is located near a leg in the northern component of Plataia, nearby to her position. Head southern out of town and across the bridge. Then head towards the river financial institution to discover the hemlock. ~ above returning, Hippokrates will certainly ask the you grind the hemlock into the elixir, yet not to add too much or the patient will die. Should you decision to include the best amount, you"ll have the ability to recruit Hippokrates into your crew. You"ll also get the Physician"s Helmet together a reward for completing the quest.

That"s every the side quests for this questline. Head on ago to ourAssassin"s Creed Odyssey side quests guide for much more information about another quest-line or one more region"s set of next quests.

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