Having trouble completing the Mistress of the stole Wood quest in AC Valhalla? once you"ve perfect the story arc in AC Valhalla Asgard and returned to the "real" world, Valka will certainly ask you come fetch much more herbs for one more potion so girlfriend can continue your otherworldly journey and travel to Jotunheim.

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The herbs are reasonably easy to find, though you"ll need to journey come Essexe and locate them within a cave there. Jotunheim itself has a suggested power level of 190, yet assuming you had no trouble collecting the herbs, girlfriend shouldn"t have actually a problem with the strength level here. So, review on to find where to lug the root in AC Valhalla, and also complete the quest.

AC Valhalla Mistress the the iron Wood: whereby to lug the roots to Angrboda

Once you"ve fetched the herbs and also used the potion the Valka brews, you"ll be transported to Jotunheim. The first quest you obtain is Mistress that the Iron hardwood and very first of all, you"ll require to situate Angrboda. The search marker on the map help you uncover the area, yet once you acquire there, you may have troubles finding her house.

Eivor does comment on the magic in the area together you get closer, a clue the all isn"t together it seems. If you have a an excellent look around the area through the quest marker, you"ll notification a paved area through a circle of stones. You"re in the best place.

The trick is to locate the two deer skulls enclosed to wood posts surrounding then look in between them, in the direction of the stone circle. The house will be revealed in the tree ahead.

How to situate the waterfall

Once you"ve gone into the home and talked to Angrboda, she will send you to collect some roots because that her. Head to the pursuit marker to be again challenged by, well, not what you"re spring for. This time, head south from the circular stone area and also climb increase the stone steps there.

If you rise to the top close to the two lit braziers and turn around, you"ll notification the area listed below is now full of water. You"ll additionally see two deer skulls ~ above the stone pillars to either side of the steps.

You have the right to dive turn off the rock below straight into the waterfall that appears. When at the bottom. Rise out and also start exploring the cave, utilizing your Odin"s sight to find the root you"re after.

Return come Angrboda at her house and also hand end the roots you"ve gathered to finish the Mistress of the Iron wood quest.

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