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They went their way by the shore of the sound sea, and prayed serious to earth-encircling Poseidon the the high spirit of the kid of Aiakos could incline favorably towards them. Once they reached the ships and also tents that the Myrmidons,

they uncovered Achilles playing on a lyre, fair, of shrewd workmanship, and its cross-bar was of silver. The was component of the spoils which he had taken when he sacked the city the Eetion, and he was currently diverting himself v it and singing the glories of heroes. Patroklos alone sat encountering him, in silence, wait till he need to cease singing. Odysseus and also Ajax currently came in - Odysseus leading the way -and stood prior to him. Achilles sprang indigenous his seat through the lyre still in his hand, and also Patroklos, when he witnessed the strangers, climbed also. Achilles climate greeted them saying, "All hail and also welcome - you have to come top top some good matter, you, that for every my anger room still dearest come me the the Achaeans." v this he led them forward, and also bade them sit on seats spanned with purple rugs; climate he said to Patroklos that was near by him, "Son of Menoitios, collection a bigger bowl upon the table, mix less water with the wine, and also give every man his cup, because that these are an extremely dear friends, that are currently under my roof." Patroklos did as his comrade bade him; he set the chopping-block in prior of the fire, and also on the he to adjust the loin of a sheep, the loin also of a goat, and the chine the a fat hog. Automedon hosted the meat if Achilles chopped it; he then sliced the pieces and put lock on spits if the kid of Menoitios make the fire burn high. As soon as the fire had died down, he spread the embers, to adjust the spits on peak of them, lifting them increase and setup them ~ above the spit-racks; and also he sprinkled them through salt. As soon as the meat was roasted, he set it ~ above platters, and also handed bread round the table in fair baskets, while Achilles handle them your portions. Then Achilles took his seat encountering Odysseus against the the contrary wall, and bade his comrade Patroklos offer sacrifice to the gods; so he cast the offerings into the fire, and also they laid their hands ~ above the great things that were before them. As quickly as they had had sufficient to eat and drink, Ajax make a authorize to Phoenix, and also when he experienced this, Odysseus fill his cup with wine and pledged Achilles. "Hail," said he, "Achilles, we have had no scant of great cheer, neither in the tent of Agamemnon, nor however here; there has been plenty to eat and drink, however our thought turns ~ above no together matter. Sir, we space in the confront of an excellent disaster, and also without your help know no whether we shall conserve our fleet or lose it. The Trojans and their allies have camped difficult by ours ships and also by the wall; they have lit watchfires throughout your host and deem the nothing deserve to now stop them indigenous falling on our fleet. Zeus, moreover, has actually sent his lightnings on the best side, as signs ; Hektor, in every his glory, rages choose a maniac; confident that Zeus is with him he fear neither god no one man, however is gone raving mad, and prays because that the strategy of day. He vows the he will hew the high sterns of our ships in pieces, set fire to their hulls, and make destruction of the Achaeans while they room dazed and also smothered in smoke; i much fear that heaven will make great his boasting, and also it will certainly prove our lot to perish in ~ Troy much from our home in Argos. Up, then, and late despite it be, save the young of the Achaeans who faint prior to the fury of the Trojans. Girlfriend will have actually grief hereafter for all time come come if you execute not, for when the harm is excellent there will be no cure because that it; think about ere the be also late, and save the Danaans from destruction. "My an excellent friend, as soon as your dad Peleus sent you from Phthia come Agamemnon, walk he no charge girlfriend saying, ‘Son, Athena and also Hera will make you solid if lock choose, yet check her high temper, for the better part is in goodwill. Eschew vain quarreling, and the Achaeans old and young will certainly respect you more for law so.’ These were his words, but you have forgotten them. Even now, however, be appeased, and also put away her anger native you. Agamemnon will certainly make you an excellent amends if you will certainly forgive him; listen, and also I will tell you what he has actually said in his tent that he will offer you. That will give you seven tripods that have never however been top top the fire, and also ten talents of gold; twenty steel cauldrons, and also twelve solid horses that have won races and carried turn off prizes.Rich without doubt both in land and gold is he who has as plenty of prizes as these horses have won because that Agamemnon. Additionally he will provide you seven wonderful workers, women of Lesbos, whom he determined for himself, when you take it Lesbos - every one of surpassing beauty. He will provide you these, and also with them she whom he erewhile took from you, the daughter the Briseus, and he will swear a an excellent oath, he has actually never gone up into her couch nor lain down through her, despite it is right for men and also women to execute so. Every these things will he give you currently down, and also if hereafter the gods grant him to bag the city of Priam, you have the right to come once we Achaeans are splitting the spoil, and also load your ship through gold and bronze to her liking. You have the right to take twenty Trojan women, the loveliest ~ Helen herself. Then, when we reach Achaean Argos, wealthiest of every lands, you shall be his son-in-law, and also he will present you choose honor v his very own dear child Orestes, who is being nurtured in all abundance. Agamemnon has three daughters, Chrysothemis, Laodike, and Iphianassa; you may take the one of your choice, freely and without presents of wooing, to the home of Peleus; he will include such dower to boot together no man ever before yet offered his daughter, and also will provide you 7 well-established cities, Kardamyle, Enope, and Hire wherein there is grass; divine Pheras and the abundant meadows of Anthea; Aipeia also, and also the vine-clad slopes that Pedasos, all close to the sea, and on the boundaries of sandy Pylos. The males that dwell there are rich in cattle and also sheep; they will honor girlfriend with presents as though to be a god, and also be obedient to your comfortable ordinances . Every this will he carry out if girlfriend will now forgo your anger. Moreover, though you hate both him and his gifts with all your heart, however pity the remainder of the Achaeans who space being harassed in all your host; they will certainly honor you together a god, and also you will earn great glory at their hands. You could even kill Hektor; he will come within her reach, because that he is infatuated, and declares that not a Danaan whom the pearl have brought can organize his own against him." Achilles answered, "Odysseus, noble son of Laertes, ns should provide you formal notice plainly and in all fixity of function that over there be no much more of this cajoling, indigenous whatsoever quarter it might come. Hateful come me favor the gateways of Hades is the man who says one thing while the hides one more thing in his mind ; therefore I will say what i mean. I will certainly be appeased no by Agamemnon child of Atreus no one by any type of other of the Danaans, for I see that I have no thanks for every my fighting. He the fights fares no much better than he that does not; coward and also hero are organized in same honor , and death deals favor measure to him who works and him who is idle. I have taken nothing by all my hardships - v my life ever before at risk; together a bird once she has found a morsel takes the to she nestlings, and also herself fares hardly, even so numerous a lengthy night have I been wakeful, and also many a bloody fight have i waged by day versus those that were fighting for their women. V my pearls I have taken twelve cities, and eleven round about Troy have I stormed through my men by land; i took good store of wide range from every one of them, yet I gave all up to Agamemnon son of Atreus. He stayed where he to be by his ships, yet of what concerned him he offered little, and kept much himself.