Original Airdate: December 4, 2014Written & Storyboarded by: Cole Sanchez & Andy Ristaino

I had actually actually began to miss out on Flame Princess’s character during this suggest in season six. I absolutely don’t love fire Princess by any means, but I had grown fond of she over the course of season four and also five, and also knew that it was inescapable that she wouldn’t be showing up as much. That is nice come see, however, that her star appearance in this episode has absolutely naught to execute with Finn, i beg your pardon is exactly the kind of spotlight I want for she character. And it doesn’t disappoint, occurring on the currently established dynamic between FP and also Princess Bubblegum.

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The cooling the the Fire Kingdom gives for part pretty funny interactions in between its citizens, i m sorry is a given, as no Cole Sanchez/Andy Ristaino episode is without its laughs. Amongst of the funniest of this citizens is the man who deserve to no much longer fit in his pants and also the 2 brothers that tragically linked bodies with each other. The cooled under kingdom in general looks quite awesome; we’re so used to see the Fire Kingdom engulfed in red, orange, and also yellow, however The Cooler gives for a more subdued landscape, shadowed v gray and also blue color schemes. The a nice shift from what’s expected from this location and also helps collection the mood for the rest of the episode.

One the the many noticeable alters in fire Princess’s personality is just how she’s drawn to look much more mature and adultlike. The course, this is more-or-less a complement of Cole Sanchez’s storyboards, together Andy Ristaino will to a squishier, much more rounded explicate of the character in the second half of the episode, however Sanchez’s initiatives still pull v as effective. I prefer seeing her much more competent and also comfortable in her duty as a ruler, and it’s the very first time us truly obtain to watch her native a politics viewpoint. In fact, the entire conflict in the episode could be construed as a politics standpoint, and also while I aforementioned back in Ocarina that I thought AT have to never incorporate politics, ns think it’s taken on in this one fairly open-ended. Politics have the right to be especially tricky with any type of show aimed in ~ children, just because any kind of topic the leans one way or an additional can quickly come off together propaganda and also fail come be complicated in the slightest. Yes K.O.! stop Be Heroes is another an excellent series right now airing ~ above Cartoon Network, however one of its episodes endured from the factors aforementioned. The Cooler cleverly gift the conflict based on how every character featured would act in a case that might possibly indicate war, and also feels much more in touch through Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum’s actions rather than trying to pressure a straight message that appears out of character.

It’s additionally pretty cool to see Flame Princess’s family earlier again! They had previously make a short appearance in Jake Suit, however they acquire a true opportunity to light in this one. I really love every one of their quirky personalities; Aunt Agnes and also Randy are two likable dimwits, and Flint is enjoyable in his hot-headed personality. Flint rather represents the next of culture that simply thinks destroying/invading various other bodies of floor is the easiest solution in time of crisis, despite it is nice cool to view that this idea is not instantly turned under as totally irrational. The course, Flint is hot-headed and beyond reason, however Flame Princess states that she’s all set for any form of action if it method protecting her kingdom, which I assumed was actually kind of nice to watch that violence isn’t instantly shut down. FP hasn’t been opposed come violence in the past, and it renders sense the she wouldn’t be opposed to it in the present either. Yet, she has grown to be much more intelligent, and also knows how valuable Princess Bubblegum could be together an ally. She desire to do what is best for her kingdom likewise helps to affix her personality to Princess Bubblegum later on on, reflecting that the 2 aren’t so various in motivations. Really adds depth to she character. Contradicting intelligence, however, is Cinnamon Bun, who appears to be earlier to being slightly it is not enough ability in this episode. The strange, since I guess you could attribute this to the cooling process, but later episodes have showcased CB outside of the Fire Kingdom and also he still maintain his newfound intellectual abilities. I’ll let it walk for now, though, due to the fact that it at the very least makes sense in the present moment.

The connection in between Flame Princess and Bubblegum is presented rather interestingly in this one. Maintaining in touch with Flame Princess’s flat-out honesty, ns enjoy just how she tells PB upfront that she genuinely walk not think about her a friend and that she just wants to keep things professional and also non-personal. And who can blame her? though FP initially went along with PB’s trial and error in planet & Water, she later discovered how untrustworthy PB have the right to be and also quite “devious” at that. Princess Bubblegum no really perform anything come disprove this theory during her meeting with Flame Princess, as she supplies manipulation and the promise of friendship as a way of make the efforts to obtain FP come let her guard down. The course, this fails, despite PB would later on use this manipulative behavior in a different means once the 2 come across the sleeping Fire Giants.

The backstory that the Fire Kingdom is briefly described through flame Princess’s very first song, A Kingdom from a Spark. It’s every cool stuff, and also adds significance, also as great power, to the identification of the resting Fire Giants… I just wish the song had actually been a bit less awkward. Yeah, I’m not really a pan of it. Jessica DiCicco’s singing voice isn’t awful by any kind of means, though the track of the track itself isn’t yes, really presented in a catchy or exciting way, and also the lyrics simply feel prefer a jumble of mismatched sentences the don’t even really deserve to be in a track sequence. Ns think i would’ve liked this bit much better as talked word, as it would make for a much less uncomfortable experience overall. Despite the song is there generally to odor FP native Bubblegum’s tinkering in the background.

I think Bubblegum’s fears and also paranoia of fire Princess perhaps using the Fire Giants to punch up the kingdom are an extremely much well-defined and reasonable, also though she is plainly wrong and also beyond she boundaries. Though, isn’t that sort of cool as well? Bubblegum is obviously displayed in the wrong because that dismantling a weapon that could potentially damage the candy Kingdom. Again, the episode does its damnedest come spread throughout a post that exemplifies the importance of trust, rather than the neglect for potential violence. Flame Princess would likely never think about the devastation of the liquid Kingdom since of she ties come Princess Bubblegum, and even acquisition into consideration the feeling of Cinnamon Bun and his relationships to the Kingdom. PB placed herself and also her kingdom in an also further state of jeopardy by simply not permitting her fears to subside. Despite again, this isn’t really completely despicable because that PB herself. She care for her kingdom and wants to make certain it is in the biggest state possible, also if it way that her techniques of protection become self-destructive.

What bring this episode under a slight notch is the entirely stupid means the resting Fire Giants space disposed of. Like, yes sir the somewhat believable method it’s lugged out as soon as Princess Bubblegum supplies her shield come block FP’s shots, yet there’s moments where Flame Princess completely misses PB and also knocks 2 Fire Giants the end instead. I gain that she lost manage of her anger, yet this form of recklessness simply made she seem completely oblivious. I have trouble the Flame Princess would certainly be careless enough to ruin the one thing that she go on and on about its importance.

Bringing it ago down come the more rational side of things, Bubblegum ultimately comes clean and reveals the she to be the one behind the cooling process, i beg your pardon upsets FP. For the longest time, Princess Bubblegum has actually looked in ~ her tendency to spy on others and also her manipulative attributes as just quirks and also nothing more, though this is the first time someone is straight calling her out on gift a shitty person. PB likely has actually acknowledged in the previous that she may be walking too far with her invasiveness, despite she constantly had the reassurance that every little thing she did was for she Kingdom. Only now is she realizing that the after-effects of her actions not only cut off potential allies, but potential friends as well. FP to be willing to offer Princess Bubblegum the advantage of the doubt and also to to trust her, however PB has become so disconnected and also out the touch with people that she can not even control to be respectful and also trustworthy. That this currently that causes PB to allow one sleeping Fire large to remain, in wishes that fire Princess will know where Princess Bubblegum is coming from. Honestly, i think PB is let turn off a little bit too easily, and also I think that would have been slightly much more effective if fire Princess just passively allow Bubblegum go, leaving her v her own fears and anxieties that the future, however without straight validation that safety. Granted, ns think fire Princess’s more understanding next is offered to she advantage, together she finally reveals her an initial name: Phoebe. It winter Bubblegum’s question earlier in the episode, and also shows the Flame Princess is willing to think about Bubblegum her friend, if she simply chooses an moral path over among deceit and shadiness. And also look in ~ that, she got Ice King in ~ above the whole thing too! assumed that was a nice hilarious reveal, by the way. Though would certainly Ice King logically have the ability to produce frost in the heated atmosphere of the Fire Kingdom? that up for debate.

The illustration does leave off centering about PB’s lingering emotion of discomfort, and it finally has her coming come terms v her invasive nature. She cuts the line fully to her security system, with a promise of never ever returning to her spying nature. I think the a pretty efficient moment in PB’s developmental path, and also it really doesn’t come throughout as as well irrational for her character. It no downplay the prestige of basic surveillance, but shows that PB is starting to realize the she doesn’t need to keep one eye ~ above every individual member of her kingdom at all times. Finn and also Jake are cost-free to serenade each other with the Food Chain tune as lot as they like, there is no PB watching your every move. That a vast jump for she character, and though she choose to do the right decision, the latter fifty percent of the season would prove the this choice may have been as well little, also late. Also if Peebs is ready to change, it will take a lot of for she Kingdom to an alert and expropriate these changes.

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The Cooler isn’t perfect, yet it’s extensively entertaining and capitalizes ~ above a truly exciting dynamic. Again, ns didn’t think this episode tried come preach noþeles too hefty on the politics side, as it focused much more on showcasing how its two lead characters treat honesty and respect. This would certainly be flame Princess and also Princess Bubblegum’s critical episode communicating with each other, though it’s a perfect time for their personalities to separate, together Bubblegum i do not care consumed through her own identification crisis. Fire Princess is the many brutally honest character to confront off through Bubblegum’s shady nature, and also The Cooler provides this conflict to that advantage. It’s fire Princess’s only star duty in season six, and also though that’s somewhat of a sad thought, i think her presence is used in the best way possible, and also helps she to develop by diverting her attention away native Finn.