Original Airdate: October 25, 2010Written & Storyboarded by: Somvilay Xayaphone & Kent Osborne

I could’ve swore that It Came From the Nightosphere was the main seakid premiere, however I guess the season 2 DVD episode order would certainly imply otherwise. So, here we have actually Commitment to the King! Indeed not one of Ice King’s strongest outings, but it is a delightcompletely silly opening to the second season.

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Right off the bat, it appears choose this episode has somewhat of a different tonal shift from the first seaboy. There’s somepoint around season 2 that simply seems much even more rounded in creating, character depictions, and humor than season one. The animation additionally seems incredibly liquid in this episode, more so than usual. This is actually the initially episode to welcome Somvilay Xayaphone onto the series as a storyboard artist, and he would later on stick with the series till the incredibly end. I’m not the greatest fan of Somvilay’s episodes; his totality creating style revolves roughly avoiding actual jokes at all costs and also mainly simply concentrating on weird or quirky dialogue and also gags. This has actually potential to be really funny, however deserve to additionally completely sluggish down an entire episode. Luckily, he does just fine in this very humorous episode.

This isn’t Ice King’s many sympathetic appearance, yet I think it’s really the point wright here we have the right to sort of recognize through him as a character. Staff members on AT have actually pointed out that Ice King is the most basic for them to empathize with, and also I think this is the last shift that transforms Ice King from a psychotic jerk to a psychotic sad sack. In fact, I like that a majority of the start of the episode is via Ice King’s perspective. We just had actually a couple of moments in the previous 26 episodes wbelow we acquired to spend time with him without Finn and Jake’s company, so it’s a refreshing treat that he ultimately takes the spotlight.

One of the points I love around this episode is that it’s a nice outlet to see some of the many type of princesses of Ooo we rarely obtain to view, including Princess Princess Princess, Ghold Princess, Bee Princess, and so on. I think it’s most exciting that Princess Bubblegum is totally missing from this episode. I obtain the feeling that as soon as she heard around a “Nice King” she was completely uninterested. Considering her stance about monarchs in Ooo, such as the one true King of Ooo, it makes feeling that’d she’d instantly deem the Nice King as a fraud.

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And it’s likewise quite possible that she’s the only princess smart sufficient to recognize that the Nice King’s true identity is the Ice King.