A brand-new Aldi opened up in the Flemington mall in Hunterdon County earlier this year. Aldi officials say more stores are set to open up in brand-new Jersey this year. (Sophie Nieto-Munoz | neurosoup.org advance Media for neurosoup.org)



Discount grocer Aldi is proceeding its expansion across brand-new Jersey, both building brand-new stores and enlarging and also modernizing old ones.

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This year, the grocer has actually opened a brand-new store in Voorhees, and plans to open an ext than five extr outlets in the Garden State before the end of 2018.

So where room they going?

Plans for Egg harbor Township and Old bridge were announced last year. Company officials evidenced a save would be coming come Livingston. To plan officials granted approval for an Aldi in Winslow Township last summer and also another was approved in Pohatcong.

Where any other new stores would certainly be located, Aldi public representative wouldn't confirm, yet one -- maybe not this year but soon -- is most likely for Toms flow Township, municipal officials there confirm.

An application has been submitted because that a advancement that would encompass a brand-new Aldi and a Tractor Supply keep on path 70 close to Massachusetts Avenue, according to township planner Dave Roberts.

That's tho awaiting a hearing and, Grammer said, "it's tho too beforehand to confirm any kind of details of a brand-new Aldi store opening in Toms River."

However, an existing Aldi on course 37 West in Toms flow is welcoming ago customers after substantial remodeling.

It had a soft opened Thursday after work-related that included broadening the store from 4 to a 5 aisles to make room for an ext products, including fresh food, produce, dairy and baked goods, Grammer said.

In Toms River, prefer in various other remodels, the stores incorporate open ceilings with natural light.

"We operate more than 40 stores in brand-new Jersey, with plans to more increase our new Jersey presence in the coming years," claimed Aldi center Valley division Vice chairman Bob Grammer. "Ultimately, we want to bring Aldi shop to the convenient locations civilization want. "

This reopening follows the return that an Aldi in Piscataway ~ above July 19 after comprehensive renovations. That followed expansions at Aldis in Linden and also Bridgeton.

According to Grammer, shop in mountain Laurel, north Bergen, West lengthy Branch and also Marlton are also being renovated and expanded. Planning officials in Collingswood and new Brunswick also granted approvals to broaden Aldi shop there.

"Our score is to carry out all the our new Jersey customers v the best possible in-store Aldi to buy experience."

Grammer says the company plans to invest $1.9 billion to remodel and also expand more than 1,300 the its 1,800 stores throughout the U.S. By the finish of 2020. That number might increase to 2,500 through the end of 2022, Grammer said.

The discount grocer, i beg your pardon was founded by the Albrecht family members in Germany in 1961, and also opened its an initial U.S. Store in 1976, and also has ongoing a steady growth since.

Welcome come Voorhees ALDI ! 142 route 73, Voorhees, neurosoup.org 08043https://t.co/fEtmktLUaP pic.twitter.com/Y6xWmFDCFB

— Voorhees Township (
VoorheesTwp) July 12, 2018

The chain additionally focuses ~ above its very own brand labels. About 90 percent of the items sold are Aldi brands, however the save does bring some nationwide brands, the agency says, based on feedback indigenous consumers. Along with the non-perishables, the stores also carry meats, fruits, vegetables and also frozen foods.

Beyond food the stores have every little thing from pair of shoes to residence goods.

"In brand-new Jersey specifically we are focused on opening brand-new stores and also remodeling our existing store to ensure our loyal and growing customer base has actually an Aldi store surrounding ..."

Aldi shop in new Jersey employ around 600 workers.

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