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Born in Cleveland, Ohio to Russian parents, Alina Baraz has actually been about music all her life. V both parental having classical training, she was destined to discover her voice through music, citing D"Angelo, Daniel Caesar and Amy Winehouse as several of her significant influences. Virtually immediately after ~ the release of her an initial single, “Roses Dipped in Gold” at period 19, Baraz and her household moved to Los Angeles to seek her career together a singer/songwriter complete time.

In 2015, Baraz released she debut project, metropolitan Flora. The job was a thoughtful exploration of a previous relationship, made completely over the web with the Danish producer Galimatias. The two artist’s partnership started when Baraz sang her text over a Galimatias beat, which would go on to be titled “Drift.” The acclaimed task was praised through the Guardian, NPR, Huffington Post, Harpers Bazaar and also many more, and sat ~ above Billboard’s peak Dance/Electronic Albums chart for over 125 weeks, peaking in ~ #2.

2017 and 2018 to be pivotal because that Baraz. In January of 2017, she exit the viral single “Electric” ft. Khalid, which has been streamed over 130M times and also counting. The solitary was followed by an entire EP that remixes, advertise streams around "Electric" to over 157M worldwide. Filling the last two years v live performances, Baraz played festivals worldwide, headlined two sold-out us tours and also joined Coldplay as support on their Head full of dreams Tour.

Baraz draws heavy inspiration indigenous color and also described the procedure of her latest project and album prelude The shade of You together a significant departure native her artistic comfort zone. Before recording the project, she had actually never worked with more than one human being at a time, allow alone in a expert studio. Enlisting Grammy-nominated producer Robin Hannibal (Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, Cee Lo Green) to help produce the project, Alina totally changed she songwriting process throughout the sessions. The project is a timeline of her trying to understand a brand-new person entering she life, impacting that as vigorously as a shade she’s never ever seen before.

Since “The color of You,” Baraz’s creative and songwriting process has grown significantly, pushing she artistry, sound and craft to brand-new levels. In September the 2019, she released a surprised track top top her birthday addressed as, “To Me” pushing her on rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 list of artists.

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Baraz has remained in the functions of a unique project, leading v her solitary “Trust” as her an initial release that 2020.