The snap coupler equipment was fairly easy to hook up on the WD, D17 Series 1 and D17 Series IV I owned. However, the IV had a heavy drawbar and was awkward to reinstall after getting done with the SC equipment. So, I moved up to an AC175 with only 3 point equipment. I am not impressed with the process of hooking up 3 point equipment. It takes me 3 or 4 times getting on and off the tractor and sometimes backing up an extra time or two to get lined up. Why not have something like skid steers where onelines up the attachments and then makes 2 clicks? At least with the SC, one would simplyback up the tractor until the spring snapped and then put the arm connectors in place.

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Posted: 19 Jul 2010 at 10:07pm
Your trying to reinvent the wheel. The Snap Coupler is obviously a better setup for not only hooking up but for drafting also. Now they have fast hitches for 3 point systems if the attachment is supported properly. But to fight this argument is pointless now. That silly 3 point won out and now we all have the same problems of sveral times on and off the tractor to hook up unless we have a helper.
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Your lift arms will extend making hooking up to a 3pt implement a one shot deal. Get reasonably close, then on the top of each lift arm is a lever that can be lifted allowing the ball end to be extended. After hooking the lift arms to the implement, back the rest of the way up until they lock in their original position then hook up the center link.You might need to clean and oil things to get them working if they haven"t been used in a while. Series IV D17 through190 XTs (including your 175) all had this. So do the bigger tractors for that matter. Or there are "quick hitches" but those are a PITA and make hooking to the draw bar or getting to the back of the tractor difficult. Quick hitches are only needed onother poorly designed tractors. In you haven"t seen a quick hitch look at any green & yellow tractor with a 3pt and it probably has one. LOL!