SummaryThe protagonist, Juka, sets out for an adventure, hoping to discover more of the world. Small did he know that he"ll discover an ext of the Underworld instead.Screenshots/Art

Final version was released 4/27 but I don"t see a thread for it. This is a pretty considerable game with H of varying top quality on the side, and also easily averages ~16 hours of gameplay.Save
If you"re no one for complicated gameplay, climate it"s dangerous to walk alone. Take the conserve in this post, i beg your pardon will give you a bunch of valuable items (and an easter egg
) so girlfriend can readjust the an obstacle to your liking. Girlfriend won"t gain extra stat/gold, for this reason not utilizing items is indistinguishable to play the video game normally. Still, begin a brand-new game for the conversation so you understand what to do. Likewise included one sgedit.ini to make hand-operated changes.Links

Give her roommates some privacy while girlfriend explore areas of city that might not have actually been available before.

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Re: Alone among Demons - Final, EnglishCan someone post a screenshot or sth of the arts ?would be lot appreciated.
I included some screenshots and also images I found in the video game folder.It seems the art might not it is in as great in the beginning due come the author"s experience. It"s not that it was poor either, just really compressed jpg. The rest seem ok.
I believe this is mostly a change game. So far it seems pretty fun, but I"m stuck in one area hoping who could assist me with.
Riddle in the haunted mansion: 5 males going come church, the starts raining, 4 run and 1 stand still. The 1 that stood tho didn"t get wet. Why?
I believe cause one guy"s dead and being carried, but it"s a text an answer and I already tried Coffin, coffin, COFFIN, DEAD, and also Casket.
Re: Alone amongst Demons - Final, EnglishWhat a shit riddle, a corpse IS not a man but WAS a man. Furthermore you can"t "stand" quiet in a bloody coffin for this reason that provides no feeling either, particularly if the coffin is being carried and thus moving.Makes an ext sense to think the one human that was standing still simply never left his home while the 4 others ran towards the church anyway when it started raining.
What a shit riddle, a corpse IS not a man yet WAS a man. In addition you can"t "stand" tho in a bloody coffin so that provides no feeling either, especially if the coffin is gift carried and also thus moving.Makes an ext sense come think the one person that stand still just never left his house while the 4 others ran in the direction of the church anyway once it began raining.

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he needs to be moving as well, because hes going to church.Unless ... Hes at the church already, which no make feeling to me either.
Re: Alone amongst Demons - Final, EnglishHe isn"t relocating though, the riddle specifically claims so, and "going come church" does not necessarily imply you are moving toward the church at the time. For example; "Sunday i am going to church" implies I will go at a later allude in time. If the sentence was "5 males are going toward church" you would be right, but that isn"t what is stated here.The crucial issue is the there don"t seem to be enough hints through which to recognize the exact phrasing the the password (do you need capitalization? perform you need spacing?) for this reason I figure the prize is hidden in the structure somewhere.I figured it"d be "A dead person." due to the fact that it fits specifically with the dot included and it"s current in the room however that ain"t it either. So I kept looking and the room with the sweetheart box has actually the answer written down plainly if you inspect the bookcases; "body in coffin"