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The Bottom Line

The Altec Lansing True Evo earphones supply thunderous bass response in a completely wireless design. They're not perfect, but for $100, they don't have to be.

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Relatively affordable.Powerful audio performance via raised bass and sculpted highs.Ships via a number of earguideline choices.Case is compatible with Qi wiremuch less charging bases.

Truly wireless earphones (individual earpieces that aren"t linked by a wire) are a thriving category, and also prefer all brand-new technology, you"re paying a premium to be among the initially to get in on the action. At $99.99, Altec Lansing"s True Evo earphones are even more affordable than the majority of of the true wiremuch less options we"ve tested. They attribute a simple, water-resistant architecture through a secure in-ear fit and a plethora of contained eartips. They likewise come with a unique charging instance that"s compatible via wireless Qi charging bases. In regards to audio performance, they deliver super-enhanced bass response that will appeal to low-finish lovers. On-ear manage options are restricted, yet eventually the earphones deliver respectable performance for their reasonably reasonable price.


A straightforward black plastic-and-rubber style makes the True Evo among the more nondescript true wireless pairs we"ve tested lately. Other than the subtle white Altec Lansing logo design on the earpieces, there"s extremely bit ornamentation. The case, too, is matte black, with a rounded contour and also a metallic-looking lid on peak. Press a button below the lid, and it pops open up, revealing the docked earpieces.

The earpieces are large, prefer all true wireless pairs. They push against your ear slightly to stabilize and take press off of the ear canal. An IPX6 rating indicates the earpieces are water resistant and also can take care of rain, sweat, and even a quick rinse under the faucet.

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To pair the earphones, you press and also organize both butloads, situated on the outer panel of each earpiece, for a couple of seconds. This is about as centralized a pairing procedure as we"ve experienced in this category. Each earpeice has an LED that flashes various colors to describe miscellaneous settings and also battery charging scenarios—they sync up in sluggish blue flashes when pairing is effective.