Battlefield 4‘s upcoming marine Strike DLC has just had its components outed by the game’s recent PS4 update. The guns, when not right now unlockable, appear at the bottom of their corresponding categories in the soldier loadout screen. Read over this perform of enhancements coming this month:

Guns Assault : AR160 (5.56×45, 30 rounds, 700 RPM) Engineer : SR-2 (9x21mm, 30 rounds, 900 RPM) Support : AWS (5.56×45, 100 rounds, 800 RPM) Recon : SR338 (.338, 10 rounds, semi-automatic) All-Kit : SW40 (.357, 6 rounds, revolver)

Gadgets M320 3GL (Assault) – Fires 3 smaller sized 40mm grenades because that attacking numerous targets v less damages than the the grenade. AA Mine (Engineer) – Anti-Air Mine i m sorry targets waiting vehicles flying in ~ its radius.

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Knives Dive: crafted to resist the harshness of the deep sea. One indispensible device in any type of diver’s kit. Usage it in melee combat come steal your enemy’s dogtags. Tactical: The recurve design of this blade extends its cutting edge and also adds extra bite as soon as slicing with objects or stealing an enemy’s dogtags. BJ-2: A knife designed for the battlefields that the future. The doesn’t mean that you need to wait to get your hand on it. Use it come steal her enemy’s dogtags today! Precision: Machined native a solitary piece that steel, this lightweight dagger is a solid choice for stealing your enemy’s dogtags.


As Premium members/DLC owners already know, friend can’t simply equip these weapons ideal away; you have to unlock them.

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The Assignment because that each DLC weapon was also detailed in the update. Continue reading for a summary on just how to increase the dimension of her armory.

Spare time Sniper

assault Rifle ribbon x3 acquire 20 headshots with assault Rifles Reward: AR160

Packing a Punch

ruin 20 boats Reward: SR-2

Swiss Cheese

LMG ribbon x3 damage 3 vehicles as assistance Reward: AWS

Always Deadly

Sniper Rifle ribbon x3 get 5 kills through C4 top top NS maps Reward: SR338

Curve Ball

obtain 10 kills through an influence Grenade Reward: SW40

Multi Tool

obtain 10 kills through UGL Darts obtain 10 kills through UGL LVG Reward: M320 3GL

Death native Below

PDW ribbon x3 ruin 5 assault air vehicles with Rocket Launchers Reward: AA Mine