1a : having or controlled by ambition : having a desire to it is in successful, powerful, or famed an ambitious young executive

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The agency was developed by two very ambitious young males in the at an early stage 1900s. This 500-page publication is her most ambitious effort yet. your plans for the future are an extremely ambitious. it was as well ambitious a task for simply one person.
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Recent instances on the net well-known for his big-ticket fashion campaigns and ambitious personal projects, photographer and graphic designer Mohamed Al Kindy, well-known as Chndy, has actually played a vital role in make the image of the modern-day Middle East. — Alice Holtham, Condé Nast Traveler, 1 Sep. 2021 Söder, Bavaria’s ambitious governor, has heaps of beer-tent charisma and also is the most popular politician in the nation after Merkel herself. — BostonGlobe.com, 1 Sep. 2021 favor so countless ambitious neighborhood projects, destination Crenshaw has confronted questions about gentrification. — Makeda Easter, Los Angeles Times, 1 Sep. 2021 She is tasked with keeping a complete pipeline of ambitious high-end contents for the French industry which additionally has international potential. — Jamie Lang, Variety, 1 Sep. 2021 Mooyah has ambitious expansion plans because that this year and beyond. — Marc Bona, cleveland, 31 Aug. 2021 to run from the respectable 23 to September 3, the event intends to talk about priorities and also expectations because that an ambitious and effective post-2020 an international Biodiversity Framework. — Daniela De Lorenzo, Forbes, 31 Aug. 2021 Our adolescents have 2 sides: their immature, impulsive, periodically regressive side and also their thoughtful, broad-minded, ambitious, self-protective side. — Jessica Dulong, CNN, 31 Aug. 2021 five herself earn a gold Globe, and also five Emmy nominations, for her performance together the empowered and ambitious cardiothoracic surgeon. — Sabrina Park, Harper"s BAZAAR, 31 Aug. 2021

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History and also Etymology for ambitious

center English ambicious "overweening, craving," borrowed from center French & Latin; middle French ambicieus "striving because that success, seeking glory," borrowed from Latin ambitiōsus "anxious to win favor, passionate for advancement," native ambitiō "act the soliciting because that votes, desire because that advancement" + -ōsus -ous — an ext at ambitious entry 1