What go it typical to conserve yourself? Nina Idi -- a third child in a culture where family members are allowed only two kids -- has been betrayed by the young she loved, and also arrested by the population Police because that exposing other alleged 3rd children. Angry and confused, Nina knows only one thing for sure: She is chaste of the charges. But now she is faced with the most complicated choice of her life: get three other prisoners to recognize they are shadow children and also be forgive herself, or refuse to cooperate and also be killed. The choices are clear. The choice, Nina discovers, is not....

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Among the HiddenAmong the ImpostorsAmong the BetrayedBy Margaret Peterson HaddixA overview for reading GroupsAbout the BooksSometimes in this human being it"s tough to understand who is telling the truth, who isn"t, and also what can be done about all the points that space wrong. The government claims that over there isn"t enough food for everyone in the world, and also so they have made it illegal for any type of family come have more than two children. Yet thousands of these illegal shadow kids exist, and also they desire desperately to find a location for us in society. However these are youngsters who have actually been forced to hide their entire lives, and who are only allowed to undertaking out with fake IDs in their hands and fear in their hearts. How deserve to they kind through the conflict information around shadow children and find out wherein they belong? and will they be able to find the courage to defy the government and stop hiding?Discussion TopicsWhat are some of the ways in i m sorry having more than two youngsters would it is in a burden in this society? Why perform some families decide to have actually illegal shadow youngsters in spite of this included strain? do you think the the benefits of having one more child outweigh the sacrifices that need to be made?Luke regularly feels hurt by the means his father treats him, specifically when that is make his decision to leave the household farm. Perform you think Mr. Garner means to it is in cruel? Jen"s father, Mr. Talbot, can also seem cruel to the casual observer. Is this image justified? just how are your reactions to the children different from the reaction of their wives?How walk the government enforce its rules and regulations? perform you think their setup for dealing with the waning food supply is a great one? perform you think the is justified? Nina is reluctant to take it on she false identity due to the fact that she fears she will lose her past and also cease to it is in the very same person. Space her fear warranted? how do various other shadow children feel around their identities, both old and new?When shadow kids stop hiding, they often have an obstacle adjusting to their newly expanded world. In what means would this be a hard adjustment to make? just how do the different children react to their new freedoms? What has actually been excellent to aid make it less complicated for the children?Luke is a specialized friend come Jen also after her death. Why walk he feeling such loyalty toward her? perform you think his ide of friendshipæas well together his devotion to Jenæwould have actually been different if he hadn"t been in hiding every his life? how are Nina"s ideas of friendship and love affected by the fact that she is a zero child?Discuss exactly how each character chooses to fight because that the liberty of zero children. How reliable was Jen"s rally? Is Mr. Talbot in a far better position 보다 the youngsters to fight for change? exactly how do Luke"s actions fit right into the movement? numerous of the characters find they have actually the potential to lead others. What space the various ways they assume management roles? Whose management is the many effective? Why?ActivitiesThe world"s population grows bigger every day. Compose a report on population: just how it has readjusted over the years, how it affects ours society, and ways of taking care of it.How do we attend to hunger and also famine in our modern world? research the policies that different countries have for taking care of hunger both at home and also abroad. Stage a debate, v each human being advocating a different approach, and see if you have the right to reach a consensus around which approaches are the most effective.Luke"s family lives on a farm, and also he is an extremely interested in gardening and hydroponics, the cultivation of plants in a nutrient-rich water rather than soil. Learn more about these self-controls by make the efforts to grow some vegetables of your own. Probably you deserve to plant a little garden, or try your hand at hydroponics.

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Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix is the writer of numerous critically and popularly acclaimed YA and middle class novels, consisting of the children of Exile series, The lacking series, the Under your Skin series, and also the Shadow kids series. A graduate of Miami university (of Ohio), she functioned for numerous years as a reporter forThe Indianapolis News. She also taught in ~ the Danville (Illinois) Area community College. She lives with her household in Columbus, Ohio. Visit her at HaddixBooks.com.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster books for Young readers (August 1, 2003) Length: 176 pages ISBN13: 9780689839092 Grades: 4 - 9 Ages: 9 - 14 Lexile ® 690L

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