Richard Shweder specifies ‘cultural collisions’ as:

A.when cultural artifacts are combined

B. Situations wheredifferent social grneurosoup.orgs come right into contact

C.urban planning the takes right into account ethnic heritage

D.when people from various ethnic heritages disagree

Which of the following IS no true around female genital surgery?

A.procedures might involve soft or severe adjustments to the genital region

B.this exercise connects to cultural identity


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an international thispractice is most prevalent in Australia

D.one cultural reason for the practice is social standards the beauty

Richard Shweder says there is a double standard v respect come femalegenital surgery. I m sorry statement finest supports his argument?

A.the practice exists in component because of social norms and values

B. the procedure isacceptable because that a west woman that elects the procedure however barbaric because that anAfrican woman that desires the procedure

C.this is a procedure that is a social collision

D.outsiders are accepting of the procedure

An mindset is:

A. Ours reaction toevents and experiences in our setting that shape our actions

B.our reaction to events that create emotions responses

C. Aperspective present at birth

D. Aperspective or id that is not culture-specific

Which of the adhering to is an example of one attitude?

A. I really likeyour shirt.

B.Our family has a new pet.

C. Iam interested in studying cultural psychology.

D. Iam thinking of a career in medicine.

Prejudice is:

A.our reaction to events and also experiences in our environment that form ouractions

B.our reaction to occasions that produce emotional responses

C. Aperspective present at birth

D. A learnedattitude that forms the means we think and act toward other people and also socialgrneurosoup.orgs

which of the adhering to is an example of prejudice?

A. Just girls have to play through dolls

B. I would certainly not hire any person under the age of 30 because that thisposition

C. I like Portuguese food

D. i don’t like old folks

Which of the complying with IS NOT a component of attitudes?





Astereotype is:

A. a belief assignedto an entire grneurosoup.org

B.present at birth

C.our plot towards whole grneurosoup.orgs

D. Aperceived risk due to social differences in beliefs

Which of the complying with IS NOT a role of stereotypes?

A. they assist usdescribe in-grneurosoup.orgs

B.they aid us explain out-grneurosoup.orgs

C.they assist us validate our in-grneurosoup.org and undervalue out-grneurosoup.orgs

D.connect to exactly how we think around people and social grneurosoup.orgs

Whichof the complying with is an instance of a stereotype?

A. Aperceived hazard due to call with one out-grneurosoup.org member

B.anxiety early out to call with a stranger

C. only women makegood nurses

D.your negative treatment of one out-grneurosoup.org member

Discrimination is:

A.a id assigned to whole grneurosoup.org

B.present at birth

C. our actionstowards entire grneurosoup.orgs

D. Aperceived hazard due to social differences in beliefs

Discrimination different from prejudice and stereotypes because discrimination:

A.involvesour actions and the means we treat others because of your grneurosoup.org membership

B.is a learned attitude

C.is a belief system present at birth

D.never has an unfavorable or damaging consequences

One vital difference in between discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes isthat discrimination:

A.involves ours beliefs about others since of their grneurosoup.org membership

B.is a learned attitude

C.is a id system current at birth

D. has an emotionalcomponent

Which the the adhering to is an example of discrimination?

A.Younger workers room not faithful to their companies

B. Iwould never want to work for a woman.

C.Asian children are high achievers

D. I hate customerservice representatives that aren’t helpful

In their work-related on stereotypes, Cuddy, Norton, and also Fiske found:

A. Mostparticipants viewed the yonsi both positively and negatively

B.participants in areas that emphasize a respect because that elders held differentviews than other participants

C.one explanation for participant responses is social media

D.no ageism emerged in their study

Inter-grneurosoup.org anxiety refers to:

A.unfavorable perceptions we hold around out-grneurosoup.org individuals

B.threats we experience as result of our experiences

C. Tension fromreal or anticipated contact with one out-grneurosoup.org individual

D.perceived hazards due to social differences in beliefs and practices

Negative stereotypes are:

A. Unfavorableperceptions us hold around out-grneurosoup.org individuals

B.threats us experience because of our experiences

C.anxiety from real or anticipated contact with one out-grneurosoup.org individual

D.perceived dangers due to social differences in beliefs and also practices

Realistic risks are:

A.unfavorable perceptions we hold around out-grneurosoup.org individuals

B. Dangers weexperience due to actual experiences v our-grneurosoup.org members

C.anxiety from actual or anticipated call with one out-grneurosoup.org individual

D.perceived threats due to cultural differences in beliefs and practices

Symbolic dangers are:

A.unfavorable perceptions we hold around out-grneurosoup.org individuals

B.threats us experience as result of our experiences

C.anxiety from actual or anticipated contact with an out-grneurosoup.org individual

D. Perceivedthreats due to social differences in beliefs and also practices

In their study with dutch workers, Curseu and also colleagues found:

A.symbolic risks were more influential in determining country prejudice towardimmigrants

B.realistic dangers were an ext influential in determining country prejudice towardimmigrants

C.negativestereotypes were more influential in determining country prejudice towardimmigrants

D.inter-grneurosoup.org tension was an ext influential in determining country prejudice towardimmigrants

In their research with dutch workers, Curseu and also colleagues discovered that:

A. Repeatedpositive interactions with immigrants decreased all threats and also negativestereotypes

B.repeated optimistic interactions with immigrants reduced negative stereotypes

C.repeated confident interactions v immigrants lessened all threats

D.repeated hopeful interactions had actually no impact on netherlands worker and also immigrantrelationships

The Stereotype Content version is valuable for studies on:

A.symbolic threats

B.inter-grneurosoup.org anxiety

C.realistic threats


The Stereotype Content version uses two traits to examine stereotypes. They are:

A. Warmth andcompetence

B.warmth and nurturance

C.warmth and also power

D.status and power

You room interested in studying stereotypes. Which of the complying with relates tothe measurement warmth in the Stereotype content Model?

A. A grneurosoup.org’s abilityto occupational cooperatively

B.social status


D.positive attitudes

Glick and also colleagues studied college students an international regarding theirperceptions the the US and its citizens after ~ the 9/11 attack. Lock found:

A.US citizens to be competent, arrogant, and cold

B. The USgovernment was much more arrogant than its citizens

C.the US government showed much more concern because that cooperating with various other nations

D.the US government showed no desire to manipulate others

Which of the complying with IS NOT true about colorism?

A.it is the biased treatment of people based ~ above skin color

B.it is a type of prejudice

C.it is a form of discrimination

D. It appears inevery social community worldwide

Evidence says that a preference for fair skin in India connects to all ofthe complying with EXCEPT:


B.British colonization

C.the caste system

D. Modernization

The origins of light skin preference in the US attach to i beg your pardon of thefollowing?

A. Slavery

B.the Civil legal rights Act

C.interethnic romantic unions

D.social media

Implicit prejudice is:

A. An unintentionaland unconscious bias towards light-skinned individuals

B. Alearned attitudeC. Astereotype

D. Abias top top the communication of society status

In a research that explored cultural mismatch in between jurors and defendants, theauthors uncovered that european American jurors were much more likely come render a guiltyverdict as soon as the defendant was dark-skinned. This is an instance of:

A. AstereotypeB. Latent bias

C. Alearned attitude


What is one feasible explanation because that skin color bias in Mexico?


B. Aperson’s occupation

C. Spanishcolonization

D.implicit bias

Xenophobia is:

A.an irrational are afraid of heights

B.an irrational are afraid of water

C. One irrationalfear the the unfamiliar

D.an irrational fear of snakes

One explanation for the hostility some human being feel towards immigrants is:

A.implicit bias



D. Xenophobia

Yakushko says that hostility in the direction of immigrants is because of all the followingEXCEPT:



C.economic struggles

D. Implicitly bias

Out-grneurosoup.org entitativity describes:

A. Just how outsidersperceive a grneurosoup.org’s toughness to act together to achieve shared goals

B.negative awareness of an out-grneurosoup.org

C.an unconscious predisposition toward light-skinned individuals

D.an irrational fear of the unfamiliar

In their job-related with Norwegian university students, Ommundsen and also colleagues foundthat:

A.native born Norwegians did not perceive Muslims together a cohesive grneurosoup.org

B.positive interactions raised fears that xenophobia

C. When indigenous bornNorwegians perceived Muslims as a cohesive grneurosoup.org, fears of xenophobia increased

D.when native born Norwegians viewed Muslims as a cohesive grneurosoup.org, fear ofxenophobia decreased

Which of the adhering to IS NOT a strategy part immigrants may use toadjust come their brand-new home?

A.they keep their cultural traditions

B.they keep their social values

C.they look for out members of your in-grneurosoup.org for a sense of belonging

D. lock assimilateto the host nation as shortly as possible

Which of the following is the cause of much psychological distress forimmigrants and their children?

A.learning a new language

B.finding a job

C. Push toassimilate

D.finding a place to live

Acculturation is:

A. Atype of implicit bias

B. An adjustmentprocess that most immigrants experience

C. Atype that stereotype

D. Aform the xenophobia

Berry introduced several different orientations that help immigrants readjust totheir new community. Castle include all of the adhering to EXCEPT:




D. Enculturation

A Liberian family now living in Austria has adopted its brand-new country’s valueswhile retaining their indigenous Liberian cultural values. According to Berry, thisis an example of i beg your pardon orientation:


B. integration



A Uruguayan household that moved to Costa Rica decides to very value Uruguayanvalues and traditions while additionally choosing to isolation themselves indigenous thedominant bulk in their new home. Follow to Berry, this is an example ofwhich orientation:



C. Separation


Integrated threat concept explains:

A.stereotypes between different society grneurosoup.orgs

B.implicit bias between different social grneurosoup.orgs

C.inter-anxiety in between different society grneurosoup.orgs

D. The reasons ofthreats between different society grneurosoup.orgs

Many immigrants suffer a ns of their cultural identity when moving to anew country. The term because that this suffer is:

A.implicit bias

B. identification theft



Which strategy can an immigrant family members use to minimize the stress of cominginto contact and also interacting v members of their brand-new host country?


B.identity theft

C.implicit bias

D. culturalretention

Biculturalism is all of the adhering to EXCEPT:

A. Agood strategy to assist immigrants adjust to their brand-new homeB.the capacity to connect in much more than one cultural setting

C. The ability tospeak more than one language

D.something many teenage immigrant kids experience in adjusting to your newhome

Schwebel and Hodari’s case study of a Filipino teenage boy adjusting to life inthe US, support the benefits of which of Berry’s orientation types?

A. Integration




Integration as an orientation strategy for immigrants connects come which that thefollowing?

A.implicit bias


C. biculturalism

D.cultural retention

The call hypothesis predicts that when in-grneurosoup.org and also out-grneurosoup.org members haveface to confront interactions and also share participating goals this should:

A. Increaseintergrneurosoup.org anxiety and also stereotypical thinkingB.decrease symbolic threats and also stereotypical thinking

C. Decreaseprejudice, discrimination, and also stereotypical thinking

D.increase prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypical thinking

The call hypothesis help reduce:

A. stereotypes

B.implicit bias



A longitudinal approach:

A.is a quick term research study design

B. A researchdesign that lasts for prolonged period

C.must take location in only one social setting

D.must take location in numerous cultural settings

Binder and also colleagues studied ethnic majority and minority children in Germanyto learn around intergrneurosoup.org contact and also prejudice. Which of the complying with didtheir findings support?

A. the contacthypothesis

B.implicit bias



Which social creation was a prize of a social collision in Australia andFrance?

A.the canoe

B. The burkini

C.female genital surgery

D.sculptures do of paper

In their work with Portuguese youngsters of europe (majority) and also African(minority) country heritages, Guerra and also colleagues discovered that:

A.children who kept their ethnic identity had much more positive see of out-grneurosoup.orgmembers

B.children from the decimal ethnic grneurosoup.org wanted their ethnic identity labelover a shared identification label

C. kids whoshared a common grneurosoup.org identity label had more positive see of out-grneurosoup.orgmembers

D.children from the bulk ethnic grneurosoup.org desired a common grneurosoup.org identification labelover their ethnic identity label

Who is more likely come experience ability discounting?

A. Anative born Canadian applying for a managerial place in CanadaB. Anative born Australian applying for an hospital internship in Australia

C. a Peruvian doctorapplying for a medical residency in the US

D. Anative born Columbian applying for a teaching place in Columbia

In their examine on skill discounting among adult Canadians, Esses and also colleaguesfound the several factors influenced applicant testimonial in theirhypothetical hiring scenario. This contained all the following EXCEPT:

A.where the applicant received training

B.the applicant’s birthplace

C.attitudes towards immigrants

D. Implicit bias

What is one stereotype that plenty of Western educators have of oriental children?

A.they actively engage in course discussions

B. They are quietand passive at school

C.they room high achievers in language arts

D.they room extroverted in every social contexts

In the Chinese worldview, knowing when to it is in quiet is a hopeful skill because:

A.children defer come authority

B.being quiet suggests concentration

C. Gift quietindicates children have learned come accommodate their habits to specificsocial contexts

D.it indicates that youngsters are striving because that uniqueness

What social values shape countless Chinese children’s decision no to directlyconfront or an obstacle a teacher in class?

A. Modesty andgrneurosoup.org cohesion




In their examine that explored how cultural norms and also practices shape perceptionsof quietness amongst Chinese parents and teachers, Yamamoto and Li contrasted theperceptions the Chinese immigrant and native born european American childrenattending institutions that had actually both asian teachers and European American teachers.They found that:

A. oriental teachersevaluated quietness together a hopeful quality that associated to learning

B.teachers rated Chinese immigrant children as quieter only in the eastern contexts

C.teachers correlated quietness because that Chinese immigrant youngsters who attendedEuropean American schools with college student learning

D.there was no social mismatch in perceptions between either grneurosoup.org of teachers

Social justice is a build in which:

A.no individual should receive equal therapy and access to resources in anysociety

B.no individual need to receive equal care and also power in a society

C.no individual have to receive same treatment, care, and accessibility to sources ina society


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all individualsshould receive equal treatment, care, and accessibility to resources and power in asociety

Which the the following is not an overriding theme and social justice?




D. Individualwealth

Which that the following IS NOT a difficulty some Moroccan immigrants areexperiencing in their new home, Spain?

A.acquiring an excellent jobs

B.language barriers

C.an inability to take trip to obtain services

D. Life inaffluent neighborhoods

According come Paloma and colleagues, what is one means to aid ensure socialjustice?

A. access tocommunity services

B.access to great paying jobs

C.learning the language

D.assimilating to their new home’s cultural values, beliefs, and also practices

What is a distinguishing factor of Tibetan immigrants?

A. They demonstratea personal and cultural connection and also concern because that social justice in theirnative landscape and new home

B.they are subject to oppression and discrimination much more than any type of other ethnicgrneurosoup.org

C.they never ever received the support of social company agencies

D.when life under Chinese rule they experienced tiny oppression

The meaning of the gesture ‘thumbs up’ is society specific. What go thegesture ‘thumbs up’ typical in Nigeria?

A.all is well

B.I’m okay

C. That is a crude gesture

D.I’m an extremely happy

The bow in many countries and cultural communities that exercise this customand gesture is a sign of:

A. Respect



D. Asimple greeting

Recent immigrants, students examining abroad, and also fieldworkers engaging infieldwork in foreign regions room all most likely to experience:

A.implicit bias

B. Society shock

C.cultural relativism


Intercultural competence is:

A. The capability tocommunicate with civilization from different cultural communities