Great key dash video camer image quality and also a behind camera for a an extremely keen price

ByJames Morris21 January 2020


Apeman has managed to provide great image high quality from its main camera, add to a behind camera, because that a very affordable price. Over there aren’t any advanced dash camer features, and you can’t even include a gps as an option, however if you simply want solid video clip recording, the C860 is a bargain.

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Action camera company, Apeman has now ventured into dash cams. The company been developing reasonably priced activity cameras because that a couple of years now, for this reason it’s no surprise to the see it also now start the burgeoning dash video camer market. The C860 is top of the current selection and dram it for sure in terms of physical design. But as we’ve come to expect native Apeman, you get a many for your money.

Aside from giving 2.6K / 1520p shooting, you likewise get a complete HD rear camera in the box. Through a price of just $100, you could start come wonder what corners have been cut but even the packaging and also build it seems to be ~ to it is in of decent quality.

Apeman C860: Features

2.6K video clip shootingGPS for location trackingG sensor because that collision detection

There is looped recording v 1, 3 or 5-minute options, and a G-sensor. Girlfriend can additionally vary the sensitivity of the incident-detecting paper protection. There’s a movement Detection parking sensor for this reason you deserve to leave the C860 guarding her car. In fact, Apeman call this feature Parking Guard. But that’s the only extr safety attribute included. You don’t get any kind of collision detection or lane exit warnings.

One area in i beg your pardon Apeman has reduced corners is the absence of a built-in GPS, and you can’t add this v an exterior adapter either. For this reason if you do want the choice of tracking your location alongside her video, i beg your pardon would likewise make the timestamp totally accurate, you’re out of luck through the C860.

Apeman C860: Design and also build

Rear camera 2.7-inch touchLCD displayCar strength adapter consists of extra USB port

The main C860 unit take away the familiar architecture cue of looking a bit like a small compact camera. It offers a suction mountain to connect to her windscreen and also doesn’t have actually any kind of rapid release. The car power link is micro USB in ~ one end, and a caught cigarette lighter adapter at the other. However, Apeman has actually integrated second USB port into this, so you deserve to plug in her phone cable or a different sat-nav, assuming this likewise uses a conventional USB strength connection.

The rear camera is a fully different design, intended to sit flush against your window. The camera lens deserve to then rotate to allude in the exactly direction. The mounting supplies an adhesive patch quite than suction, so is meant for irreversible installation. However, girlfriend do gain an extra adhesive pad and also a tool for levering the camera turn off in the bundle.

With no WiFi or various other wireless connectivity, there is no Apeman app to install and use because that remote control. So this is an additional area wherein Apeman has actually saved a couple of cents.

Apeman C860: Performance

Great 2.6K photo qualityDecent complete HD behind camera quality

The C860 truly benefits from that is high video resolution when shooting in 2.6K mode, with some of the most information we have actually seen in dash electronic came footage. Even when in dual-camera mode, where a slightly decreased resolution is required, the C860 tho acquits chin well. Number plates and other details are easy to read when you pause the video.

The rear camera clip is quite a little behind, however. It’s still an excellent for complete HD, however not in the same league as the video from the key dash cam.

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Apeman C860: Verdict

With the $100 price, the Apeman C860 is a bargain. It might lack progressed features, and also the absence of gps will it is in a disappointment for some. However the picture quality is fantastic for the money, i beg your pardon is the key reason girlfriend buy a dash video camer in the very first place. If you just want a great-quality dash video camer with a rear camera thrown in, the Apeman C860 is fine worth considering.