Find out if you can use break-up screen mode with friend while playing Apex Legends. / photo by Respawn Entertainment
Is Apex Legends split screen? Apex Legends is among the many popular battle royale title out ideal now, making the a huge target the criticism when fans feel that the top quality of the video game is not as high as it might be.

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Since Apex’s release, pan of the game have to be clamoring for the capability to play split screen, offline gamings with your friends. Developers have not listened though, and also have not included a separation screen alternative for Apex Legends players.

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— Apex Legends (
PlayApex) might 8, 2020

Is Apex Legends split Screen?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to play split screen ~ above Apex Legends. It is an online-only multiplayer game, definition that players deserve to only play together online on different consoles or PCs.





Apex Legends is not alone together a famous game there is no the ability to play split screen, as Fortnite and also Overwatch likewise follow this model. Playing unique Ops setting on call of Duty: modern-day Warfare is among the couple of modes that allows for separation screen play among popular games.

Developers in ~ Respawn Entertainment are not keeping break-up screen play out of Apex Legends just to make fans upset, though. Since Apex is such a graphics-reliant game, playing separation screen would probably cause serious lags and also ruin the gameplay experience.

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Apex Legends Season 5 began recently, following the adventures of Loba, the heroic adventurer. Examine out our Apex Legends Season 5 weapon tier list, our Apex Legends Season 5 legends tier list, and also the new Apex Legends leaked skins for Season 5.