List of the finest guns to use in the famous game ~ above ROBLOX dubbed Apocalypse Rising, produced by Gusmanak
1 PPSH-41 Submachine Gun

The PPSH is my an individual favorite. I love it so much! The fire price is amazingly fast and it can do therefore much damages if you"re accurate! I"m a huge fan that submachine guns, and this one"s mine favorite

I love this gun! no too hard to find

This has a really fast fire rate.

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Great gun because that spraying in ~ close range but not as an excellent as the mk48 or Patriot gun

3 XM16E1 Patriot assault Rifle

This is a really great gun v a kind amount of damage combined with its good fire rate. My an individual favorite.

My favorite gun! Fire price is intense kills girlfriend in 2 secs (if every bullet hits her target)

Great fire rate and also if you discover drum mag, good ammo capacity!

It simply is. Plus that is insane in every category.

4 M249 LMG

Can shoot zombie at lengthy range.

Perfect weapon: good ammo capacity, great sniping range, and great damage. I took out 2 world with one armored motorcycle on top of strength plant v this thing, p R O F ns T

7 M14 fight Rifle

Best accuracy stat in the game, pretty much the only gun supplied in competitive other than the fal or occasionally the MK17

8 M4A1 attack Rifle

Basically the Patriot, but an ext accurate and also effective in ~ a longer range.

Like the Patriot, just a bit an ext accurate.

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9 FAL fight Rifle

Most players love this total most, and also it"s good, however I don"t gain what the big deal is around this gun. The HK21 is usually the faster shooting version of this gun. The HK21 is most likely the finest gun in the game

Okay sniper, ns guess.

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