Fundraising Is All around The People

To do the great work friend do, girlfriend need much more members, donors and dollars. Get more of all 3 with Aria!”


Do you review from a script once you call your friends? at Aria, us don’t read canned responses native a screen. We look at whom we should contact (not everyone), as soon as to speak to (it matters), and also what come say (make it count). Ours reactive conversational method to fundraising delivers results various other telephone fundraising that company can’t match. Us talk with your donors, not at them.

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Our callers are knowledgeable fundraisers and also sales professionals. They have the right to do it all, from yearly funds and also capital campaigns to extr gifts and stewardship calls. We’ve assisted to raise accumulation in a range of markets for every kinds that organizations.

Handcrafted Non-Profit direct Mail

Our personal touch doesn’t stop with the phone. We store the conversation going and also generate an ext dollars v our handwritten straight mail. Ask about our personalized, handwritten marketing strategies. Her clients and also prospects will love you because that it!

We Just referred to as to Say give thanks to You!

Studies display if you can improve your retention by only 5%, it deserve to increase her revenue through 50% (Penelope Burk). And also if girlfriend can cut your loss of brand-new supporters by 10%, you can increase revenue by a whopping 200%! (Chronicle the Philanthropy).

Aria’s Donor appreciation Services promises an innovation in your donor retention. Let our experienced fundraisers schedule a donor give thanks to you call, survey, or a handwritten thank you note. By frequently using even one of this elements, we can help increase her donor retention.

Aria’s Donor Appreciation services include:

Thank you Calls – Our thank you calls are delightful and heartfelt, thanking donors for your gift and also assuring them their gift will certainly be put to an excellent use.Thank friend Notes – Mom constantly said write give thanks to you notes. In the age of team emails and 140 personality tweets, the an individual touch of our non-profit mailings renders you was standing out. Civilization will not only be pleasantly surprised once they open up that handwritten map – they will certainly remember who sent out it.Donor Satisfaction Surveys – our telephone fundraisers usage their significant charm and talent to reach your donors and also get you valuable survey feedback.
“Aria’s Donor Appreciation solutions guarantees an innovation in her donor retention.”

Compliance Is major Business

At Aria, if there’s one thing we take seriously that is compliance. We make sure our fundraisers adhere to every state and also national phone call marketing and also fundraising requirements. Us have also received accolades from the workplaces of several attorneys general, complimenting united state for our diligence and also exceptionally high standards.

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We are also in compliance with the present Payment Card sector Data protection (PCI) Standard through respect to any personally identifiable data linked with a cardholder.