Long story but the Alpha of the server is currently gunning at us us. they have even more dinos more human being and also much better stuff.

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We both have actually tek, they have actually many heavys and tek turrets, they have actually gigas, golems, reapers however a minimal supply and also around 10 people

I have 4 brontos 3 pacers, 4 golems, 24 stegos, 5 trikes, 5 patchy. 3 gigas, 2 reapers, wyvs, pts basks and so on 10 human being and also some excellent gear for my tribe.

What do i do? Place a transmitter nearby downpack whatever put up a fob and also rush or not? Can't obtain that pressure field up as i don't have the element.

Tips? Help? Anypoint thank you. ( none of us of us are component of a mega tribe)


People are informing you to set up an attack yet honestly if your attack stops working because the enemy is virtual and also starts picking you off while you're trying to collection whatever up, it's going to make it 10x simpler for them to raid you.

They're more powerful than you all approximately, what you need to execute is make certain that you always have actually 1 perchild online at all times. Just 1 online person renders it a lot easier to safeguard versus a rassist. Make certain you guys are constantly scouting out trying to see if the adversary is relocating dinos or placing an FOB. Then, once you're certain you gained a decent plan for defense, look into poking at their base a bit.

If you mount up a full assault via as many kind of civilization as you obtained digital and also you shed, world acquire demoralized and also begin logging off at shitty times. What you deserve to carry out is put up some offers for anyone in your tribe to usage if they're on throughout off hrs when they think the opponent doesn't have actually any people virtual. Cheap raiding kit: a couple steggos, throwameans quetz, 20 resting bags, a few sets of armor, and also just bring a little bit of c4 and have actually even more prepared to go if you take place to break via. If they're offline and also you carry out it effectively, you deserve to break their entire base simply 1 shitty throwamethod steggo at a time. If they had someone online, you lose some shitty steggos and a shitty quetz, no substantial deal.

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If both tribes have actually human being online and its a stalemate, then its gonna come to a battle of attrition which you will certainly easily win if you have human being close to their base via sniper rifles to kill them as soon as they mine resources and also simply store dropping shitty steggos on their base. When someone kills you while you're farming resources and also you can't find them after you equipment as much as strike, it really provides you feel prefer you're getting choked into a corner and you can't play the game. Even if it feels favor all you're doing is killing a naked male on shitty anky, the other male is feeling favor he can't ever before leave his base to farm even more bulallows for their turrets.