Long story but the Alpha that the server is currently gunning at united state us. Lock have much more dinos much more people and better stuff.

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We both have actually tek, they have actually lots that heavys and tek turrets, they have gigas, golems, reapers yet a restricted supply and about 10 people

I have 4 brontos 3 pacers, 4 golems, 24 stegos, 5 trikes, 5 patchy. 3 gigas, 2 reapers, wyvs, pts basks etc. 10 people and also some great gear for my tribe.

What do i do? ar a transmitter adjacent download everything set up a fob and also rush or not? Can't gain that force field up together i don't have actually the element.

Tips? Help? Anything thank you. ( nobody of us of us are part of a mega tribe)


People space telling you to collection up an assault but open minded if your assault fails because the foe is online and starts picking you turn off while you're make the efforts to set everything up, it's walking to make it 10x less complicated for them come raid you.

They're stronger than you every around, what you have to do is make sure that you constantly have 1 human online at all times. Simply 1 online human being makes the a lot much easier to defend against a raid. Make certain you males are always scouting the end trying to view if the opponent is moving dinos or put an FOB. Then, when you're certain you gained a decent plan for defense, look into poking at your base a bit.

If you mount up a full strike with as many world as you got online and you lose, human being get demoralized and also start logging turn off at shitty times. What you deserve to do is collection up some gives for anyone in your tribe to use if they're on during off hrs when castle think the adversary doesn't have any type of people online. Cheap raiding kit: a couple steggos, throwaway quetz, 20 sleeping bags, a couple of sets of armor, and also only lug a small bit that c4 and also have much more ready to go if you take place to rest through. If they're offline and also you do it correctly, you deserve to break their whole base simply 1 shitty throwaway steggo in ~ a time. If they had someone online, you lose some shitty steggos and also a shitty quetz, no large deal.

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If both people have people online and also its a stalemate, then its gonna involved a fight of attrition which girlfriend will easily win if girlfriend have world near their base with sniper rifles to kill them once they mine resources and just save dropping shitty steggos on their base. Once someone death you when you're farming resources and you can't uncover them ~ you equipment up to attack, that really provides you feel like you're getting choked into a corner and you can't beat the game. Also if that feels like all you're act is killing a naked man on shitty anky, the other man is feeling favor he can't ever before leave his basic to farm much more bullets for your turrets.