We show you which option to make in The Blood Fever search and also what the consequences would be either method.

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Early on in your exploration of Kephallonia in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey, you"ll most likely uncover a search entitled The Blood Fever before in which you"ll have to make a daunting alternative regarding a plague-infected household. We"ll define the aftermath of the blood fever torment family members choice, and also what you should select as an outcome.

Warning: this guide has at an early stage spoilers for the plot of Assassin"s Creed Odyssey.

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Kill or Save the Plague-Infected Family Choice in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey

Whether you must choose to kill or conserve the plague-infected family members in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey depends on what you consider the lesser of 2 evils, whether some lines must not be crossed, or whether you think the ends have the right to justify the implies. Strictly speaking tright here is no good ending below, just various kinds of enduring. Fun! We"ll define both below, however initially we"ll describe where to start The Blood Fever search.

Wright here to Start The Blood Fever Quest

After a few objectives into Odyssey you"ll unlock a new mission from Phoibe at Markos" Vineyard on Kephallonia. It"ll be marked on the map and you deserve to go stop to her to begin The Blood Fever, wbelow she tells you about a adjacent village called Kausos that"s been afflicted with some sort of curse. Head South-West from Mount Ainos to uncover it, a scorched husk of a tvery own via numerous people clustered around in the middle.

The option is made clear here: Kausos is plague-ridden and the priest is desperately trying to burn all those here so that it can"t spreview to the rest of the island. The last surviving family members desires to live, understandably, and also insurance claim only to have actually a little bit of a cough. That can"t be anything ominous, right?

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If you"re cutting via Assassin"s Creed Odyssey, we"ve obtained whatever you"d ever need at our Walkthrough below. Whether it"s combat, stealth or finding the finest items, we deserve to carry out.

Save the Family

If you tell the priest to let these civilization go, this"ll start combat where you have to fight him and his soldiers. It"s not too challenging if you"re gaining to grips through combat basics, and also thereafter the household will market you money as a thank you. Accepting it or rejecting it determines whether they stay in Kausos or relocate on, yet unfortunately it makes no difference to what happens next: go back to Kephallonia after a certain duration of time and you"ll uncover it decimated by pester, with occasional acknowledgements to this truth by characters favor Phoibe and Barnabus later in the story. As far as we know, the family cannot be uncovered after that, leaving it unclear if they endure, and also tbelow is no way to cure the afflict. Kephallonia will certainly be influenced permanently by this, and will certainly show up as a blighted hellscape for the remainder of the game.

Kill the Family

If you pick the choice "I have actually no say in this," Kassandra/Alexios will certainly stand also by while the priest has his males kill the family. This will certainly likewise prompt some dialogue through Phoibe thereafter wbelow you define or justify your actions to her. Despite being miserable, she seems to understand. After that the island also will certainly reprimary as its always been.

So this is awkward. | Joel Franey/USG, Ubisoft

Best Choice

If you do not desire Kephallonia to change, you"ll want to let the priest perform his occupational, as horrible as it is. He"s correct that they have the plague and will spread it, as permitting them to live reduces the island to something near-apocalyptic. However, we additionally understand also if you do not have actually the stomach to let a family members be butchered. As we shelp, there is no excellent alternative right here, just deciding the lesser of two evils.

That being sassist, there is a slightly sneaky 3rd option - don"t take The Blood Fever search at all. After a specific allude in the game it"ll disshow up, however the island also will remajor uninfected. Presumably this is because the priest still kills the family members somewright here off-screen, yet if you were going to let them die anymethod, this could be a much more palatable way of permitting life to continue.

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