We display you which an option to make in The Blood heat quest and also what the after-effects would be either way.

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Early on in your expedition of Kephallonia in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey, you"ll likely find a pursuit entitled The Blood heat in which you"ll have to make a challenging choice concerning a plague-infected family. We"ll define the consequences the the blood heat plague household choice, and what friend should choose as a result.

Warning: this guide has early spoiler for the plot the Assassin"s Creed Odyssey.

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Kill or conserve the Plague-Infected Family selection in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey

Whether you should choose to kill or conserve the plague-infected family in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey depends on what you take into consideration the lesser of two evils, whether part lines have to not it is in crossed, or even if it is you think the ends have the right to justify the means. Strict speaking over there is no great ending here, only different kinds of suffering. Fun! We"ll explain both below, but first we"ll explain where to begin The Blood fever quest.

Where to start The Blood heat Quest

After a couple of missions right into Odyssey you"ll unlock a brand-new mission indigenous Phoibe at Markos" Vineyard ~ above Kephallonia. It"ll be significant on the map and you deserve to go speak to her to begin The Blood Fever, whereby she speak you around a nearby town named Kausos that"s to be afflicted with some type of curse. Head South-West from mount Ainos to uncover it, a charred husk that a town v several civilization clustered about in the middle.

The selection is made clean here: Kausos is plague-ridden and the priest is desperately trying come burn every those here so that it can"t infect the remainder of the island. The last surviving family wants to live, understandably, and claim only to have a little of a cough. That can"t be anything ominous, right?

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Save the Family

If friend tell the monk to permit these world go, this"ll start combat wherein you have to fight him and also his soldiers. It"s not too complicated if you"re acquiring to grips through combat basics, and after that the household will market you money as a give thanks to you. Accepting it or rejecting the determines even if it is they continue to be in Kausos or move on, however unfortunately it renders no distinction to what wake up next: return to Kephallonia after a certain duration of time and also you"ll uncover it decimated by plague, with occasional acknowledgements come this truth by personalities like Phoibe and also Barnabus later on in the story. As much as us know, the family cannot be uncovered afterwards, leaving the unclear if lock survive, and there is no means to healing the plague. Kephallonia will certainly be affected permanently through this, and will appear as a blighted hellscape for the remainder of the game.

Kill the Family

If you pick the choice "I have actually no say in this," Kassandra/Alexios will certainly stand by if the priest has his guys kill the family. This will also prompt part dialogue with Phoibe after that where you explain or justify your actions come her. In spite of being miserable, she appears to understand. Later on the island will continue to be as its always been.

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Best Choice

If friend don"t desire Kephallonia to change, you"ll want to let the priest carry out his work, as dreadful as that is. He"s correct that they have the plague and also will spread out it, as permitting them come live to reduce the island to something near-apocalyptic. However, we additionally understand if friend don"t have actually the stomach come let a family be butchered. Together we said, over there is no great option here, just deciding the lesser of two evils.

That gift said, over there is a contempt sneaky third option - don"t take it The Blood Fever quest at all. After ~ a details point in the game it"ll disappear, however the island will remain uninfected. Presumably this is because the monk still death the family somewhere off-screen, however if you were going to let them die anyway, this could be a an ext palatable means of permitting life to continue.

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