Assassin"s Creed Odyssey burial places are house to precious old Steles the award extra ability points. Here"s whereby to uncover them all


Tomb of Eurypylos –Achaia

You won’t be beginning off through the tomb of Eurypylos together it’s in one of the higher levels the the map, Achaia, but we’re servants to the alphabet here. You’ll discover this dig at the pinnacle of mount Panachaikos, southern of the town of Patrai. That’s the the next fast-travel point, for this reason head there and ride up the mountain. There’s nothing difficult once friend head inside. Trip down v smashed walls and destroyed pots and also you’ll easily find the Stele.

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Agamemnon’s dig – Argolis

For Agamemnon’s dig you desire to head to, funnily enough, the palace of Agamemnon in the northernmost tip of Argolis. It’s one of two people a drive north-west indigenous the temple of Poseidon in Argos, or a ride north from the Heraion the Argos in Hera’s watch – if you have actually synched there.

The enntrance gate is in ~ the basic of the mountain. Head inside and also loot plenty of Drachmae native the skeletons. The only real puzzle right here is a moveable crate you’ll should put right into place to jump end a lumber fence. Simply mind the spikes together you move it and also you’ll be fine. Once you’ve uncovered the Stele don’t drop under to the level listed below until you have actually picked turn off the 12 or therefore snakes waiting for you. Don’t say we didn’t warning you…


Pheidon’s tomb – Argolis

You’ll uncover Pheidon’s tomb in the city of Argos in Argolis. The an excellent news is the it isn’t also far from the holy place of Poseidon, which you’ve probably currently synched with, so just fast-travel come there, if friend can.

From there, head south-west come the inquiry mark. You’ll uncover the tomb directly to the west of the Leader House. The enntrance gate isn’t even hidden. Psychic the twin set the spikes as soon as you acquire inside and slide under the gap to the left come nab part epic gear from a chest. There’s a stack of spikes and snakes top top the way to the ancient Stele so keep your wits around you.


Tomb that the Daughter of Atlas – Arkadia

The very first of two tombs in Arkadia is the tomb of the Daughter the the Atlas. It’s top top the west side of mount Psophis. Because that a nearby fast-travel allude head to the holy place of Zeus in the valley of Arkadia and then journey south.

There’s nothing complicated here. Head inside, go down some stairs, on slide under a gap, head right into a bigger room, and you’ll find the old Stele. An exceptionally easy skill point. Nab the chest on the ideal of the room – minding the snakes, of food – and head ago out into the sunshine.


Waterfall that Styx – Arkadia

Head to the most northern region of Arkadia because that the Waterfall that Styx. It’s in the hills to the west the the golden fields, just north of mount Psophis. There’s a fast-travel allude not far south the it.

There’s naught too complicated here but, as soon as you’re in, don’t acquire distracted through the first movable box once you happen it on the ideal side ~ going under the stairs. Head previous it to obtain to the Stele along the passageway and around the corner. If you desire to acquire a high-level gear chest too, then walk back, relocate the box, and also head into a maze the snakes and also spikes come snag much more loot.


Tomb that Eteokles – Attika

Attika’s lone ancient Stele is in the Sacred plain of Demeter. Drive north-east indigenous the fast-travel suggest on the temple of Apollo in Megaris. Get rid of the wolves guarding the entrance and also quest inside.

To get to the Stele, you’ll desire to move a series of box to traction a final one far from a wall surface to reveal a space you have the right to slide through. Head through and you’ll find your ability point and a chest in the same room. Relocate a crate to exit and smash your way into the sunlight. Simply be ready for the two wolves who room there to welcome you earlier to open air.


Tomb the Orion – Boeotia

For this old Stele, you’re walk to desire to head to Oropos Heights in the eastern region of Boeotia. Because that a close fast-travel point, Kadmeia in Thebes isn’t as well far, and also you deserve to ride east from there.

There’s the usual blend of walls to smash, snakes, and spikes here, however it’s very straightforward. The room v the Stele additionally has a chest. Also, inspect the room opposite before you leave and you’ll find another two prey chests and a healthy dose that slithering reptiles.


Stony Sepulchre – Chios

Chios, one more endgame location, is where the Stony Sepulchre is lurking. You’ll find this Stele ~ above the west next of the Affluence Bay an ar in the middle of the island. Helpfully, there’s a fast-travel suggest on Poseidon’s holy place if you’ve been here before, otherwise it’s a bit of a lengthy sail come the east of the map.

Head within – don’t worry, the scorpions can’t hurt you – and you’ll quickly uncover the Stele after ~ a small box relocating puzzle. Spoiler: relocate them out of the way of the void so girlfriend can get through it. You’ll likewise find a chest in the very same room together the old Stele (watch the spikes again). The course out is painless.


Tomb of Brizo – Delos

For this one you desire to head to the Westworld-sounding island that Delos, west the Mykonos. The closest fast-travel point is the Archegesion of Delos in the north of the island. As soon as you head in, it’s business as usual but the Stele is unusually hidden away behind a smashable wall.

Drop down v a hole in the floor of the big room you end up in, choose up the loot indigenous a chest, and you’ll find a little room branching off with a snake in the middle. Bash the back wall surface and you’ll discover the Stele. Top top your way out, on slide under another wall and you’ll find a room that spikes with one more chest in ~ the back.


Destroyed home of Oinomaos – Elis

Head come the sink of Olympia for the ruined House that Oinomaos old Stele. The residence waits come the south-west of fort Koroibos. The finest fast-travel suggest is the temple of Zeus, i beg your pardon is fairly close. There’s no gateways inside the home itself – although over there is a chest maximum ground – so head around the earlier to the appropriate to uncover the way into the tomb.

You’ll it is in in and out the this one in no time. Simply mind the spikes in the room v the Stele – and don’t forget to grab the chest ~ above the right wall surface of the room prior to you head ago out.


Tomb the the very first Champion – Elis

You’ll uncover the tomb of the very first Champion in the north-eastern suggest of the forget Swamps in Eris. Either ride from the previous tomb or, as soon as again, fast-travel come the holy place of Zeus for speed. There room a couple of guards as soon as you arrive yet pick castle off and also you‘ll be free to head under what looks like a well and also into the tomb.

In a slight readjust from the normal order that things, you’ll need to relocate a box right into position versus a wall surface in the center of a room come climb up to the following floor. Mental the snakes increase there and also continue until you find one more room through a chest and more snakes. On slide through right into a room that has actually an substantial spiked floor and also then hit the weak-looking wall on the appropriate with an arrow to save you coming to be a kebab. Continue until you with a corridor with another smashable wall surface on your right side. The Stele is hiddenly sneakily inside along with other loot.


Artemision dig – Euboea

Hidden in the phibìc of Artemision suggest in Euboea is the Artemision Tomb. Your closest fast-travel point here is Istiaia Peak and also then a ride nearly directly north. You’ll discover the tomb nestled in the cliff edge itself so you could get a little wet do the efforts to gain to it.

As you can expect, provided its proximity to the sea, there’s an underwater section, however as normal follow the winding path and also you’ll discover the Stele in the exact same room together a chest. There’s a neat shortcut out, too, if friend smash part pots through an overpowered arrow.


Mycenaean tomb of Ajax – Isle the Salamis

The Isle that Salamis is a tiny island located in the bay in between Megaris and Attika. Unfortunately, there’s no fast-travel point on the island but it’s easy sufficient to take it a tiny boat out native the port of Piraeus if girlfriend fast-travel to the holy place of Asklepios.

There will certainly be a band of NPCs and also perhaps the strange lion to kill prior to you acquire in there, however head inside, and it’s tomb business as usual. You’ll see the Stele v a damaged door at the bottom of part stairs therefore it’s simply a issue of finding a different means in. Via snakes and spikes that course.


Tomb the Polybotes – Kos

If you’ve currently been come Kos, there’s a handy fast-travel suggest to the southern of the dig of Polybotes. If girlfriend haven’t, you’ll desire to sail south-east that Naxos to with the island. The dig itself is in the phibìc of the island simply on the beach on the eastern side.

You’ll need to smash your method inside but you’ll find the Stele easily enough with several of the usual snake and also spike avoidance. Plus, store an eye out for a smashable wall to do a quick departure from a corridor of far too plenty of reptiles because that comfort.


Tomb the the forget Hero – Lakonia

Lakonia’s ancient Stele is in the north-east of the Helot Hills. You’ll want to ride phibìc from the Helot lookout fast-travel point to acquire there as easily as possible.

Smash the first set of pots ~ above the appropriate side in the an initial room, slide with the void in the wall, and also you’ll reach the Stele post-haste. Store an eye the end for snakes as usual together you check out further and also you’ll discover a number of chests and also plenty of Drachmae indigenous scattered skeletons. Simply don’t end up being one the them.


Abandoned tomb – Lemnos

You’ll uncover the Abandoned dig in the south-east corner of Lemmos, southern of the Sky autumn Lakes. You’ll want to fast-travel to eco-friendly City before riding throughout the island and down come the tomb.

Once you’re inside, this tomb has actually a tricky circle puzzle that push and pull come perform before you can gain to the Stele. Head along the corridor and also down the stairs till you with a crate that can be pulled in the direction of you. Yank it forward as far as it deserve to go prior to heading ago up the stairs and also into a room with a hole in the floor. Autumn down and also slide v the space that friend made by dragging the box clear. You’ll uncover the Stele quickly after, guarded by a ridge of snakes. Toast them and also grab that capacity point.


Tomb of Orpheus – Lesbos

This certain tomb is hiding ~ above Lesbos in the northern section that the old Pearl an ar of the island. Very sewing there’s a synch point directly to the east, however given the reality that this is one endgame location, opportunities are you’ll have to sail north-east of Lemnos in the Adrestia to uncover this location.

Once inside, clamber increase a level in the statue room to progress and also keep watching the end for boxes come move. You’ll end up in a room through no floor. Autumn down, get rid of the snake guarding the chest, and also you’ll uncover the Stele top top the reverse of the papyrus shelves.


Tomb of Alkathous – Megaris

You’ll discover the dig of Alkathous in the west that Megara in Megaris. The speediest fast-travel point is absolutely the holy place of Apollo. From here you can just ride west to the entrance that’s dug right into the hillside.

There’s naught too facility at work-related in here. Store heading downwards and also you’ll ultimately get to the Stele in ~ the finish of a corridor. Turn left in ~ the Stele once you’ve collected your capacity point and you’ll get a shiny chest on your method back approximately the surface.


Giant Heroes burial Ground – Naxos

It’s time to head come Naxos for the large Heroes funeral Ground Stele. It’s lurking on the north-eastern quadrant the Naxos in Marble just so her closest fast-travel allude is the holy place of Dionysos in the city of Naxos. Make your means there and then ride eastern to the tomb.

Head right into the darkness and you’ll have to dive right into a pool of water however there isn’t too lot breath holding to do. You’ll find a chest under there and also you’ll enter into another chamber quickly enough. The Stele is in the very next one, together with a chest. Collection your loot and enter the method you came in.


Alkaios dig – Paros

The Alkaios tomb in Paros is located on the small Atoll suggest to the south-west the the key island. There’s no fast-travel point on there so you’ll have to zoom come Athena’s clock in Paros Habour. Commandeer among the little boats floating at the jetty and then sail over to Atoll Point. The entrance is cut into the cliffside however you’ll have to kill some opponents doing a routine outside before you head in.

This is a fairly easy tomb. Simply keep an eye out for moveable boxes and you’ll discover the Stele in a an extremely spiky room, in addition to a chest. Break through a wall on your way back the end for a second chest of loot.


Tomb of the first Pythia – Phokis

The tomb of the very first Pythia is situated in the west next of cool Mount Parnassos. Your closest fast-travel suggest is the holy place of Apollo in the Sanctuary of Delphi. Run west the here and you can’t miss out on the tomb surrounding by fall trees, complete with a frostbite outside.

This is another easy one. Head inside, slide with a space in the wall surface to the left before the main statue chamber, and also look the end for a breakable wall with a snake in front of it. You’ll discover the Stele in here. Examine the various other side that the entrance corridor because that a means to two much more chests.

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Parmenon tomb – Thasos

Head come the island of Thasos in the northern component of the map because that the Parmenon Tomb. Thankfully, if you’ve to be to Thasos, you’ll probably currently have synchronised at the Thasos Temple, i m sorry is a really Assassin hop, skip, and also jump from the enntrance gate to the tomb. Otherwise, you’ll need to sail north-west indigenous Lemnos.

The final tomb ~ above this list is just one of the easiest. Smash some pots, follow the path, and also you’ll quickly discover the Stele and a chest that loot to match. Together always, though, watch the end for snakes. There are 4 in the final room that look an especially hungry. If you’ve excellent them in order, happy 22nd capability point!