Assassin’s Creed beginnings Gladiator Arenas unlock when Bayek goes to Krokodilopolis and complete certain side quests. Friend get accessibility to very first two arenas and also face different bosses, there room 7 bosses in total.

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In this AC beginnings guide, we will explain all there is to know about Gladiator Arenas.

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Assassin’s Creed origins Gladiator Arenas

Each arena boss is unlocked by completing three events. You can select to execute these in any order but you must complete all three to unlock the boss.

During every event, you will challenge three tide of opponents with 5 soldiers every wave. As soon as the ceo is unlocked Bayek have to defeat him to unlock the next set of events. Repeat the procedure to unlock the following boss.

There are just two bosses at Krokodilpolis but much more will be accessible once girlfriend unlock the second arena at Cyrene.

There is only one ascendancy here, fight come the death! You can not usage your very own weapons together Bayek will be handed a brand-new weapon for each event; occasionally a shield. Shield need to be used more during battle so the you continue to be on guard and also have the capacity to parry and deflect. Put evasion to an excellent use and study the rival’s combo.

Each weapon handles in different ways so it finest that you get to grips v as many different weapons as possible before unlocking the arenas. Be watchful of trap on the ground. In Seleucid, usage oil jars that litter the arena.

Krokodilopolis Arena

Complete the side quest referred to as Champions come get accessibility to the an initial two areas. There are two bosses in the arena, the Brothers, and the Slaver.

Our argued level because that The brothers is 29.

During Brothers I, you will very first have 3 waves of soldiers amid spike traps. You will have a regular sword and a shield at her disposal.

Brothers II is slightly more an overwhelming as part brutes acquire involved. Spiked pillars, ground spikes, sire trap, and also a lion room thrown in to spice points up. When again a constant sword and shield room at your disposal.

Brothers III permits you to usage a constant sword and also shield. That is the hardest fight that requires soldiers, brutes, and also elite soldiers (suggested level 34). Spiked pillars, moving spiked pillars and ground spikes are used.

Krokodilopolis – The Brothers

Enemy Level 28

You will confront two brothers who are strong and aggressive.

Reward: Leviathan Legendary hefty Blade

You are facing two enemies and both space using different kinds the weapons. Onc is using a lengthy scythe while the other is using a pair of chains. Viridovix swings his scythe around, Diovicos tries come land a win or go in for a melee combo.

Dodge come the side and strike v light attacks. The will back up and also bang his chest which way he is all set to jump on you. Sidestep and also hit the again.

Meanwhile, Diovicos tries to grab you when he it s okay close in an effort to slam you come the ground. Shot to isolation the brothers and attack castle individually.

Krokodilopolis ceo Fight and also Events – The Slaver

Defeat the brothers to unlock this ceo fight yet you will have to go v three brand-new events to with the Slaver. We imply level 30 and also Elite level 35 for this section of the arena.

Slaver ns puts friend up versus soldiers, brutes, and archers through spike trap littered. Friend will use a heavy Blade and also Shield. However, the fight is relatively easy yet watch the end for spiked pillars, relocating pillars, and ground spikes.

Slaver II puts you up against soldiers, brutes, archers, and also spike traps. Friend will usage the same weapons again.

Finally, you will certainly unlock the ceo fight whereby a giant with a enormous weapon is your foe. Watch the end for spikes, discover his assault pattern, continue to be patient, save your stamina, usage your shield, and also use a mix that quick and heavy attacks. Save in mind the he will try to stab friend while you’re laying on the ground. Be all set to evade the attack.

Cyrene Arena

The owner the the vault arena is going come send Bayek to Cyrene. This arena will certainly unlock as soon as you defeat the bosses in ~ the ahead arena. Over there are 5 bosses obtainable in this location. Suggested level is 34, elite level is 38 for this arena.

The Hammer is the first boss you will certainly face and during Hammer I, girlfriend will confront soldiers, brutes, and archers. Floor spikes are connected while girlfriend wield a regular sword and also shield.

Hammer II raises the bar will an ext soldiers and also brutes however at this point, the is nothing girlfriend can’t handle.

Hammer III does much more of the exact same with included spikes and traps.

Cyrene Arena boss Fight – The Hammer

The guy wields two-handed hammer, he is slow however brutal and also is may be to do a many damage. Once again you must study his strike patterns and also adapt accordingly. Use the white pillars approximately you to take it a 2nd to recover and gather yourself.

He swings his hammer roughly on the ground and follows the up through a couple of slams. Remain at a distance and also then go in because that a combo after ~ the second ground pound. Sidestep his attacks and move in for quick attacks. The may finish up swinging his hammer twice to knock friend down.

You have to look for opportunities to attack.

Cyrene Arena ceo Fight – The Axes

After going through 3 phases to reach The Axes, you will come across The Axes. Our suggested level is 35 and also Elite level have to be 39.

This is a challenging boss that likes come fight v two Axes, hence, the name Axes. His jump attacks and devastating combos have the right to wreak havoc and there is no much easily accessible for you come hide behind.

He can likewise use his Axes to safeguard himself. He can grab you and also attack with three headbutts before throwing you on the ground.

Try to stop his run attacks, this will give you one opening. Wait for the 2nd jump following the first, and also attack his side.

Cyrene Arena boss Fight – The Hoplite

The Hoplite wields a spear and shield; he comes at you as soon as you have actually taken down all 3 waves of enemies which is reasonably easy to do at this point.

He has actually impressive with so remaining out that his way is best for Bayek. Save your shield up and be all set to evade his attacks. If the holds the spear increase high Bayek demands to be all set for a fast attack.

If he rears back, look because that a long stab or a one attack. He have the right to switch indigenous a spear to a sword which enables him to change his strikes drastically.

Use your shield come block his attacks but evading is the best options. Attack him native the sides and also chip far at his HP.

Cyrene Arena ceo Fight – The Seleucid

Once again you must go v a handful of waves prior to you can reach this boss. You will face soldiers, elite soldiers, predators, and archers through the included danger of fire traps, moving fire pillars, fire traps, archer stand, and more. You have the right to utilize your lengthy spear and shield during the first two waves while Warrior Bow will certainly be comfortable in the final wave.

We indicate level 36 and also elite level 40 because that this ceo fight.

The Seleucid provides a long pike and also combines it through jump attacks. He additionally uses the pike together a pole to do a kick which goes into a waver attack.

Keep your street to protect against the swing assault after the kick. He can run after Bayek also to shot and harpoon you but you can conveniently sidestep this.

When he swings the pike stand clear the the two swings. The can incorporate run attack with a swing of the pike or do a jump-stab maneuver.

Seek methods to strike after staying clear of his assaults but at fifty percent helath the will set his pike ablaze. Prevent his attacks by sidestepping and study his patterns as it transforms a few times.

Cyrene Arena boss Fight – Duelist

Again you should go through 3 waves because that Duelist I, II and III. For this one friend bet in ~ level 38 and also you will acquire a sword and a shield with a toxicity pit and snakes come fight with. In practically each wave you will gain 37 level soldiers, 36 level archers and also 35 level supervisor soldiers.

For the ceo fight you must be at level 38 and also you will be only given a consistent sword and a shield. There are no catch in the arena as well.

So at fifty percent health the boss will poison friend which will just stop your wellness regen. You must keep steady and also moving in the arena and keep a street from the boss.

Do not count on shield too much as it will not it is in as efficient here, dodge her throws and prone strikes. Once she kneels she will perform a jumping to win so immediately pull earlier to avoid.

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After all these fights you will certainly be champion Gladiator through high level loot and will enjoy all the win spoils.