So it's a major question lengthy story short. Means early in the game just learning how to pat all that accidently shouted began a fight v the blacksmith and apprentice I'm assuming. Eliminated them and also got required to captured escaping jail eliminated every and also I average every safety in dawnstar. Correct I know I can have reloaded one old save yet I didn't and too much past for that. Therefore on optimal of that the vamp trio eliminated every miner consisting of the owner since no guards. So now on peak of that in between db quest and not certain what happens to the kjhati castle disappeared and the alchmey shop owner also Mia. So serious question due to the fact that dawnstar is a ghost city is over there anyone in the an ar I deserve to assist to gain the manor? I require 2 more


Anga's Mill? You have the right to chop firewood. That's one that I recognize of that's outside of Dawnstar. If the captain of the ship that's docked over there is tho alive, he's acquired a pursuit that counts.

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I'll have to check them out every time I talk to the capt nothing ever appears. Just always they think I'm too young

I understand there's one at Agna's Mill given by Aeri. The one I understand will count in the direction of it. You could try 'A Scroll for Anska' in ~ High Gate damages or 'The Pale Lady' in ~ Frostmere Crypt. They're likewise quests in The Pale, yet I don't understand if it will certainly count in the direction of the than quest. Castle aren't in Dawnstar itself. You may as well shot em'.

Thanks I'll have to check it the end this morning once I obtain off. Ns fucked up the other 2 Manors and also want this one to it is in a family one if i can acquire it. The one outside falkreath became a man manor and the other came to be my alchemy and enchament manor. I additionally might have resto loop mine max bring so I have a shit ton of ingredient to recording off and need more room.

I literally simply did something comparable in Dawnstar a few hours ago. Dragon attacked and also I shouted, caused a fight, civilization started attack me and my modded follower began killing the totality town.

I'd simply stepped the end of the inn, so i reloaded the autosave. Perhaps that could be an option if it happens again?

Anyway, are both mine owners dead? The Captain must be on the delivery if he's alive. Likewise the apothecary provides a search out if she make it and there need to be a city drunk you have the right to buy one ale for.

According come the wiki, it looks like the mill owner is the just person exterior Dawnstar who counts in the direction of the quest.

Let's view yes one as result of dB various other vampire. Mead dude dead vamp again. Apothecary she accurate is Mia can't uncover her all over no body ha. Pretty certain caravan went at it with a dragon.

Hahah literally almost the entire last except maybe 2 are either kia or Mia. Fine it watch like tiny alesan much better stay comfy in ~ the inn. Of every the people im surprised the hasn't to be killed.

Choices, consequences. Sad about the vampires, yet you're the one that began the fatality spiral.

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If this is somethign that keeps friend from sleeping at night, try starting a new game climate making less consequential choices.

It's funny it's mainly due to the fact that I want 3 manors ha. The only time ns go to dawnstar is for the dB or prey the caravan chest.i mean having her again so I deserve to reset the chest would be nice. Various other then those 2 factors Im never really there and also every other organize is doing good. I typical it to be deff a beneficial lesson about saving non stop and accidently hitting scream isn't a smart relocate either