Assume that registers $s0 and also $s1 host the worths 0x80000000 and also 0xD0000000, respectively.

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1. What is the worth of $t0 because that the following assembly code? include $t0, $s0, $s1

2. Is the result in $t0 the preferred result, or has actually there to be overflow?

3. Because that the contents of registers $s0 and also $s1 as mentioned above, what is the value of $t0 for the adhering to assembly code? below $t0, $s0, $s1

4. Is the an outcome in $t0 the desired result, or has there to be overflow?

5. For the materials of it is registered $s0 and also $s1 as stated above, what is the worth of $t0 because that the complying with assembly code?

6. Is the result in $t0 the preferred result, or has there been overflow?

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include $t0, $s0, $s1 add $t0, $t0, $s0

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