Fall is lastly in the air right here in Atlanta, and in enhancement to acquisition a stroll roughly the community to reap the leaves and beautiful weather, leave time to spend a couple of hours at home at ours iconic attractions to gain these November events and programs:

Atlanta Hawks and also Top Talent to fill Philips Arena

The Atlanta Hawks will certainly matchup this month at home versus the following: Nov. 3 vs. Houston Rockets, Nov. 6 vs. Boston Celtics, Nov. 15 vs. Sacramento Kings, Nov. 18 vs. Boston Celtics, Nov. 22 vs. Los Angeles Clippers, Nov. 24 vs. Brand-new York Knicks, Nov. 25 vs. Toronto Raptors and also Nov. 30 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. The November special event lineup in ~ Philips Arena is additionally sure come impress, with performances by Imagine Dragons, Jim Gaffigan, Marc Anthony, WWE Monday Night Raw, Jay-Z, Lady Gage, and Dead & Company. Quite a month!

SHARKS: on Assignment through Brian Skerry in ~ Georgia Aquarium

“SHARKS: on Assignment through Brian Skerry” is Georgia Aquarium’s newest temporary exhibit. The exhibit features large-scale images from National geographical Explorer and award-winning photojournalist Brian Skerry. Skerry provides his camera to display the ocean’s most feared predators, and also tells why this important species in ours ecosystem demands to be respected and protected. The exhibition is had with basic Admission.

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Children’s Museum that Atlanta Programs

Tis the season for festive autumn fun! households are invite to sign up with Children’s Museum that Atlanta because that bountiful holiday-themed occasions this November.From learning about the mexico Day of the Dead holiday to honoring Veterans Day through a special discount and hands-on discovering opportunities, kids of all eras can come together and also explore the spirited season with the power of Play!

World that Coca-Cola Veterans Day unique Offer

World that Coca-Cola is pleased come offer second special in respect of Veterans Day. Currently through November 12, active duty, reserve and also retired members of the equipped Forces might purchase as much as four people of Coca‑Cola general admission tickets at 50% off for their friends and also family. Tickets might be purchased at the attraction’s ticketing windows when members current their valid armed Forces ID.

Veterans Day in ~ the center for Civil and Human Rights

The center for Civil and also Human rights is honoring ours veterans with totally free admission ~ above November 11, 2017 v valid armed forces ID or kind DD214. Family members that veterans will get 50% turn off their basic admission ticket. This promo is only accessible for usage on November 11, 2017 with valid ID.

Eclectic Lineup of mirrors at The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle proceeds to book performances that market something for everyone, week after week. In November, take advantage of southern rock, indie pop, i know well hop and also more, v names like Tegan and Sara, Grizzly Bear, Blackberry Smoke, and also Lil Uzi Vert acquisition the stage.

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Enjoy Rivalry Week at the college Football room of Fame

On Saturday, November 25, the university Football room of Fame and also Chick-fil-A fan suffer will organize a special Tailgate Saturday developed by The residence Depot for Rivalry Day. Doors open up at 9 AM and kick off with GameDay top top the 36 foot HD video board. At noon, a cash bar will open up on the playing field and entertainment starts with 4 games featured top top the video clip board complied with by four an ext at 3:30 PM. Pan are urged to wear your gameday gear as they tourism the Hall and also search for the five hidden house Depot Gameday difficult hats for one-of-a-kind prizes. Join is the price the a regular ticket. For much more information visit www.cfbhall.com.

Festival the the SEAson in ~ Georgia Aquarium

Festival that the SEAson transforms Georgia Aquarium’s plaza, galleries and exhibits into an underwater winter wonderland. Events incorporate Holidazzle, our spectacular light and also music show, appearances by Santa and also SCUBA Claus, a vacation edition of our live entertain experience, and more!The vacation season o-fish-ally begins on Nov. 18 v fun for the entire family at the yearly Wake increase Santa event. We’ll need your help to wake up Santa after ~ his long trip come Atlanta from the north Pole therefore we can ring in the holidays and begin Festival the the SEAson!