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Includes two letterpush publications of land also department records and an invoice for ties. One of the letterpush publications contain duplicates of letters issued by J.W. Donnelly, Land Agent in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and also C.H. Fancher, General Land also Agent for Albuquerque. The other letterpush book includes duplicates of letters issued by J. W. Donnelly as Chief Clerk and J. A. Williamboy as Land also Commissioner.
The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company type of was incorporated on July 27, 1866. Atchiboy, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Company type of and the St. Louis & San Francisco Railmeans Company type of joined in a partnership in 1879 to build the western section of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Company kind of under the original charter, from southern of Albuquerque, New Mexico Territory, to San Francisco and other California points on the 35th Parallel Route. In 1895, it was compelled right into receivership. In 1879, an agreement in between the Atchichild, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad Company kind of and also the Atlantic & Pacific arranged for the structure of a transcontinental railroad under the initial Atlantic & Pacific charter. Thstormy passenger business from the eastern started October 21, 1883. In 1895, at the moment that the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railmethod Company kind of was hired, the Atlantic & Pacific was preserved, foreclosed and also reorganized as the Santa Fe Pacific Railroad. For additional information, view Keith L. Bryant, Jr. HISTORY OF THE ATCHISON, TOPEKA AND SANTA FE RAILWAY (New York: MacMillan, 1974).
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This repertoire is open up for research at our off-site storage facility through one week"s alert. Contact Library & Archives staff to ararray for accessibility.

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