Bad Drug Report: Drug Purchased Was Not JWH-073

By Jay - April 16, 2010

This bad drug reaction is reported for harm reduction purposes only.

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Location: washington

Other drugs in system: no


Experience: ordered twice before no problems.

No bad reactions just not Jwh-073 .this is something else It looks simular.but smells different (reminded me of my old chemistry set when i was a kid).
melting it took longer and once dried was hard white substance much different from before (before it was hard and clear).

effects were none to mild(actully i coudn't they were mild at all close too nothing (more effects from coffee) Dosage was higher 400mg becuase i felt no effects at all.

If they let this pass as jwh073 then I don't think i can order from them again.

Pre-existing conditions:

Number of users: Only Me