We space a vintage barber shop with a modern-day twist. Our staff techniques the arts of barbering through skill and precision. We market fades, right shaves, men and women"s cuts, and also specialize in children"s cuts. We also offer full body massage in ours spa. You have the right to enjoy a cost-free beer while gaining your haircut. Come see united state at Eagan & agency - The Barber Shop.

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experienced consultation, precision haircut, shampoo and scalp massage with steamed warm towel treatment, punch dry, style and finished off through a neck cut
skilled consultation, precision haircut, shampoo and also scalp massage through steamed hot towel treatment, blow dry, style and finished off v a neck shave, through a detailed beard grooming and also finished with straight edge
professional consultation, precision haircut, shampoo and scalp massage v steamed hot towel treatment, punch dry, style and finished off with a neck shave, through facial right razor cut
skilled consultation. Hand do haircut to your specifications. From fades to modern styles and everything in between. Consists of a precision razor outlining to enhance the detail and finished off v a neck shave
Hand do razor haircut to her specifications. Indigenous fades to modern-day styles and everything in between. Includes a precision razor outlining to boost the detail
Hand do haircut to her specifications utilizing a directly razor or electric razor to achieve a precision fade. Contains a precision razor outlining to boost the detail
Precision clipper cut maintaining a square form with characterized corners. Thorough equal size through the top with a faded next and ago
Trimming and shaping of the moustache or goatee through a precision razor overview of the cheek line for a crisper look
classic beard business featuring hot towels, warm lather, solitary pass with the right razor, cold bath towel pre-shave and post shave therapy
If her hair is Shoulder length please pick this include on in addition to the certain service girlfriend desire
If your hair is pass the shoulders please choose this include on in enhancement to the certain service friend desire
our all natural beard oils come in 3 scents, Vintage 219 featuring Eucalyptus and Peppermint crucial oil, Tom's Timbers featuring Cedarwood and Frankincense necessary oil and Aloysius Channing featuring Bergamot and essential oils.
All herbal pre-shave oil made from organic sweet almond oil, grape particle oil, castor oil, basil and lime fragrance oil.

Travis is the owner and also operator of Eagan & agency Barber Shop. Adhering to a job in law enforcement, Travis adhered to a new career in barbering. Bringing end 18 year of hair cutting experience to the shop, he specializes in beard trims, moustache care, fades and scissor cuts. He is an animal lover, specifically dogs. That enjoys snow skiing and also motorcycle riding. Travis is a household man and also enjoys working in his garden through his partner Josh.

Kim is a loving wife, mom of five children, and an avid animal lover. She has been a effective barber because that over twenty-two years. Born and raised in Winchester, Virginia she enjoys help anyone she can, inside and outside of the shop. Kim loves the chance to aid clients v their unique barbering needs. She'll make you look and feel great!

Paige, a Virginia native, has been interested in barbering because she to be 17 and has had her cosmetology license for 12 years. She is creative, cheerful, and warm-hearted. You will do it feel right at home with Paige together she offers you the perfect haircut every time. She believes one of the truly an individual experiences a male can provide himself is a an excellent haircut. One that gives him confidence and also self-respect every time he looks in the mirror.

farming up in the neighborhood salon "bangz", Jim had an early start right into the culture. It has actually since developed his attention in art, music, tattoo, hair, and beard. Jim's had actually a passion for learning about the topics because that a long time. Under the tutelage the Eagan & Company, he's establish his passion and also drive, fulfilling his dream job to be a barber.

Lance Mitchell started classic Italian training in the art of hairdressing and barbering at the period of 20. Throughout his 30 year career, his work has actually been featured ~ above stage, television and also runways in Washington DC, brand-new York and also Boston.
Olivia chose at the young period of 15 the she wanted to make a readjust in the barbering sector Olivia attend the prestigious institution of Paul Mitchell. Olivia desires to do the people a more beautiful ar one haircut at a time. She enjoys safety time with her family and her dog Blue. She to trust the smallest adjust in a man haircut can and does do a difference.
Sara is a kind, loving and also passionate person. She determined at the young period of 14 she want to adjust the face of barbering. In her totally free time she enjoys security time with her family members at the racetrack and also at church. She loves making her clients feel confident and also believes a good clean fade is the perfect confidence boost.
fulfill Dominic Calvi, funny loving, energetic, new barber. Dominic discovered his enthusiasm for barbering in 2019 and has love the art ever since. He always tries to it is in a much better barber and also a far better man, in and also out the the barbershop. Every work he strives come be better while still maintaining a humble and also modest attitude. The loves his family and friends and constantly tries to make everyone laugh and make sure the time they’re spending is worth-while!
Specializing in scissor cuts, Jessica found her enthusiasm for barbering at 19 year of age. Because that the an initial 12 years of she career, her occupational was focused in northern VA. Jessica’s change to the Shenandoah Valley enables her to spend much less time commuting and much more time through her husband, 2 remarkable kids, and also dog Daisy. Through Jess’ easy going and also lighthearted personality, it seems like she’s been part of Eagan & company forever.

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Stan is a Virginia native has been barbering due to the fact that 2009. That takes an excellent pride in happen his talent to each client with a smile. He always strives to offer a quality haircut every time castle sit in his chair. Stan enjoys safety time with his family.