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Be Like Bill is an exploitable stick figure illustration of a male called "Bill" making use of a desktop computer computer system, accompanied by a parable pincreasing Bill"s choice to sindicate bring on after being provoked by a cause while browsing the Internet. Since its development via English-language humor websites in late 2015, the single-pane comic has gone internationally viral and also spawned a huge volume of derivative illustrations via equivalent messperiods highlighting various other socially intelligent actions on the web and in actual life.

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The origin of the drawing is unwell-known, but it started getting here on forums favor Funnyjunk<1> and Reddit<2> in October of 2015. The earliest circumstances of the picture remained in English, and was expected as an ironic jab at social justice warriors.



On March 30th, 2010, JoyReactor user Anon uploaded a stick number illustration of a character named "Tim" and a public organization announcement (PSA) message pelevating his indifferent reaction to seeing offensive content while looking the Net.


In September 2011, this particular style of illustrations went viral via the launch of Australia"s Queensland also Rail PSA posters designed to educate the public on passenger etiquettes, which conveniently came to be a subject of dozens of parodies (displayed below).



On December 21st, 2015, an Italian Facebook web page was developed called Sii come Bill (Be favor Bill).<3> The page, devoted to posted Italian variation of the Be Like Bill meme, has got even more than 226,000 likes in less than 3 weeks. A Spanish-language page, dubbed Sé como José, was launched on January second, and in much less than 4 days has actually obtained more than 405,000 followers. Sé como José has obtained the the majority of attention in the Spanish-speaking push, who have actually understood it among the initially "virales" (memes) of 2016. In an intercheck out through BuzzFeed, the anonymous administrator of the Spanish-speaking web page said he made a decision to translate the Bill meme from Italian after seeing its popularity tright here.

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Various Examples

Top row: Italian examples. Bottom row: Spanish examples, some of which are translations of the Italian examples.

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