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Be like Bill is one exploitable stick figure illustration of a male named "Bill" utilizing a desktop computer, add by a parable praising Bill"s an option to simply lug on after gift provoked through a trigger while searching the Internet. Due to the fact that its emergence through English-language feeling websites in so late 2015, the single-pane comic has gone worldwide viral and spawned a big volume that derivative illustrations with similar messages highlighting other socially intelligent actions on the web and also in real life.

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The origin of the drawing is unknown, yet it began getting here on forums like Funnyjunk<1> and Reddit<2> in October that 2015. The earliest instance of the picture was in English, and also was supposed as one ironic jab at society justice warriors.



On march 30th, 2010, JoyReactor user Anon uploaded a stick number illustration the a character called "Tim" and a public business announcement (PSA) blog post praising his indifferent reaction to see offensive contents while searching the Internet.


In September 2011, this certain style the illustrations go viral through the launch of Australia"s Queensland Rail PSA posters designed to educate the general public on passenger etiquettes, which quickly came to be a subject of dozens of parodies (shown below).



On December 21st, 2015, one Italian Facebook web page was developed called Sii come bill (Be choose Bill).<3> The page, specialized to posted Italian version of the Be choose Bill meme, has received much more than 226,000 likes in much less than three weeks. A Spanish-language page, dubbed Sé como José, was released on January 2nd, and also in less than 4 days has received more than 405,000 followers. Sé como José has received the many attention in the Spanish-speaking press, who have actually deemed it among the an initial "virales" (memes) of 2016. In one interview v BuzzFeed, the cotton administrator the the Spanish-speaking page said he decided to analyze the invoice meme from Italian after see its popular there.

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Various Examples

Top row: Italian examples. Bottom row: Spanish examples, few of which space translations that the Italian examples.

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