Little tvery own, it"s a quiet villageEveryday choose the one beforeLittle town complete of little bit peopleWaking as much as say...What"s great Get yo tail out the street!Tbelow go Bonquesha, she through Trey like alwaysHe on the down-low I have the right to tellEextremely morning simply the sameSince the morning that we cameTo this busted ratchet town Good morning Belle Good morning Cleetus where you goin"? The weave shop! I just witnessed the many wonderful up-do with some finger waves and some microbraids... That"s nice. Patrice, where my brownies?Hurry up!Hey bit mama, have the right to I gain them digitsSo I have the right to hit you on your cell? Yo let meGet it thoughHer beauty ain"t all that!But her booty is actual fatNo denying she bougie girl that BelleWhat"s good?What it do?How is your ma"n"nemBonjour!What you call me?!How is your wife?I need 6 legs!Uh-uh that"s too expensiveTright here need to be more than this old hoodrat life! Hey, Belle! Hey LaWasha, Hey LaDryaI pertained to gain my hair didHave you obtained anypoint new? Girl, not considering that Isaiah that"s alright, I"ll take this one Girl, you gon" spoil him! Well he"s my favorite! I intend look at those eyesThose little cheeks, his little Caesar reduced... if you prefer him all that muchThen he yours But ma"am Girl, I insist! Thank you, give thanks to you incredibly much!Look tright here she go, she think she obtained that great hurrGirl that"s a lace front I deserve to tellWright here she obtain that ugly dress?Cause she look a crusty mess!Cause she really is a bougie girl that Belle! MmmOoh, isn"t this a warm mess?Who would certainly name their initially born Blue Ivy?Here"s Kim Kardash and also KanyeWonder if they"ll have a brand brand-new present on B.E.T?Well I had heard the she a cocoa chaserThey say she prefer that caramelShe ain"t in search of no beast"Less he lookted like tyreseVery various from the remainder of usBoy you and also choose the remainder of us!Yes various from the remainder of us is belle!Aw shit! I shelp jerome in the residence, I said jerome in the house Watch ya mouth!