Beck Media & Marketing has actually elevated previous Hulu and also Warner Bros. Executive, management Tom McAlister come president and also named him together its first partner. Beck founder and also CEO Todd Beck make the announcement today.

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In his newly broadened role, McAlister will oversee every one of Beck’s account teams and operations across its places in Austin, Atlanta, brand-new York City, mountain Francisco, and the company’s headquarters in Santa Monica.


Beck Media & Marketing is a communications firm whose clients encompass AEG Worldwide, Endemol bright Group, on facebook Watch, nationwide Geographic, and also NBC Universal, among others.

McAlister rejoined Beck in 2014 as controlling director to develop the agency’s Austin, Texas office. He has led projects for clients including ZipRecruiter, nationwide Geographic and also Facebook Watch, amongst others.

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He likewise established and continues to lead Beck Purpose, the company’s agree bono corporate social responsibility initiative, which has donated thousands of staff hours to nonprofits that space working to attend to issues like homelessness and social justice in the communities where Beck operates.

McAlister first worked for the firm from 2009-2010, prior to being called director that publicity initiatives at Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing and then head of contents marketing in ~ Hulu, whereby he oversaw all elements of marketing campaigns for Hulu original and acquired series. A graduate of Miami college (Ohio) and also a member the the Academy of television Arts & Sciences, McAlister stays in Austin, Texas v his wife and two children.

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“Tom is a world-class an imaginative marketing and also communications strategist, and I’m so thankful that our client will proceed to have accessibility to his counsel as they navigate an ever much more competitive media landscape,” stated Todd Beck. “Tom has earned the respect that the whole BECK Media team, who have actually benefited from his energy, empathy and poise since he rejoined the agency.”

A statement native McAlister said he to be “honored” by the appointment.

“Our team inspires me every day to find new ways to mix storytelling through technology, and also to make a positive impact for ours clients,” that said. “The content organization is evolving in ~ the rate of the internet itself, and in this new role, I get to assist create and also shape few of that change. I am honored to assist this amazing agency continue come grow, elevate, and serve.”