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This week, our roving car-service eye honed in top top Bedford-Stuyvesant. The rates right here are pretty secure for the various companies, beside from some JFK-bound spikes and dips. Also, unlike car services in few of Brooklyn’s other parts, Bed-Stuy’s suppliers seem specifically averse to pets and car seats.

We gave the hypothetical starting point of Classon Ave. And Lafayette Ave. And asked for price quotes to the complying with three destinations: 1) Bedford Ave. And also N. 12th St. In Williamsburg, 2) Surf Av.e and also W. 8th St. In Coney Island and also 3) JFK Airport.

We dubbed each vehicle service in ~ a 20-minute expectations on very early weekday afternoon, and we also compared prices with those that a metered yellow cab. Here’s what us found.

Allo Taxi, 741 Myrtle Avenue, 347-240-3678‎Williamsburg: $11Coney Island: $30JFK: $35Wait time: 5 min.Credit card: YesPets: Yes, however carrying case preferredCar seats: Yes, no extra charge. However only for toddlers approximately 3 yrs old

Black Pearl‎, 474 Marcus Garvey Boulevard, 718-773-0020‎Williamsburg: $11Coney Island: $26JFK: $35Wait time: 5 min.Credit card: YesPets: Yes, yet only in delivering caseCar seats: Must carry out your own

Freedom Limo & auto Services, 104 Ralph Avenue, 718-452-5400‎Williamsburg: $12Coney Island: $28JFK: $30Wait time: 5 min.Credit Card: YesPets: YesCar seats: Must provide your own

New Bell vehicle Services, 640 Myrtle Avenue, 718-230-4499Williamsburg: $13Coney Island: $30JFK: $38Wait time: 5 min.Credit card: Yes, but extra charge depending upon destinationPets: NoCar seats: Must carry out your own

United Express auto & Limo Services, 1025 Atlantic Avenue, 718-399-3939‎Williamsburg: $13Coney Island: $30JFK: $30Wait time: 5 min.

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Credit card: NoPets: Yes, however tell them beforehandCar seats: Must carry your own

Yellow cab (price has 15% tip)Williamsburg: approx $12Coney Island: approx $48 (via BQE come the Belt Pkwy)JFK: approx $52 (via BQE to LIE to Van Wyck)

Although no the cheapest fare come JFK, black color Pearl offers the cheapest rates to Williamsburg ($11) and Coney Island ($26). Flexibility Limo & car Services and United Express vehicle & Limo Services market the cheapest fare to JFK at $30.