We room listing under the finest behind the neck Bluetooth headphones top top the market!

If girlfriend are worn down of the limit of traditional headphones, choose up a pair of Bluetooth neckband headphones. They’ll affix directly to your computer, phone, speakers, and other digital devices however those pesky cords won’t be in the way. This an innovation makes life much more convenient. You’ll have the ability to stroll about your residence or office and listen to her music there is no cords limiting your selection of movement. Let’s take it a look at at 3 Bluetooth neckband headphone options.

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Best Behind the Neck Bluetooth Headphones

Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Headphone

When it pertains to popular neckband headphones, Kinivo BTH240 is among the height choices. It allows you to regulate your music player directly from the headset so you don’t have actually to obtain your player out to carry out that. That’s great for anyone who doesn’t desire to gain the player the end of their pocket just to move to the next track or readjust the volume. This product works great for listening to music or as a phone headset because that calling. Those headphones room equipped v a Micro USB plug (like her cell phone power cord) which means you don’t have actually to carry a different charger for the headphones – her phone’s charger will execute the trick. Customers like enhanced battery life and sound quality (comparing the previously version of these headphones).

Great controlsExcellent audio qualityWith micro USB plug for convenient charging
Issues with the neckband fit

As for the negatives, some users say the Kinivo BTH240’s neckband is ~ above the tiny side therefore it deserve to be uncomfortable as soon as you have actually larger heads. Also, part users room having troubles with the range. If she looking for good Bluetooth neckband headphones, examine out Kinivo BTH240. Together this Amazon reviewer said, the BTH240 is a great buy:

Believe me, I research study the hell out of whatever I purchase in this community, which I substantially respect, and I will tell you best now, this is a slam-dunk! They fold up into something about fifty percent the size of her palm, i beg your pardon fits snugly into a noted felt case, and also they are extremely light.

ARCTIC P311 Bluetooth stereotype Headphones

This set of wireless headphones comes through an combined microphone and 20 hours’ worth of playback. It likewise works with all devices that support Bluetooth technology including computers when connected with ARTIC’s USB dongle. The comes v an integrated lithium-ion battery that deserve to last approximately 20 hours before requiring a recharge. The appropriate ear cup is developed with five functional buttons so the you can totally control your music without any type of issues. Individuals love the headset’s amazing bass levels. It yes, really serves to improve the listening experience. There is a signal to noise ratio of 95 dB. Because that a price of around $30, the ARCTIC P311 is a terrific value. It is an extremely light and can it is in folded into small size in mere secs for simple portability.

Sleek, compact designExcellent battery lifeLightweight
Not suitable to use throughout rigorous activities

In regards to negatives, there aren’t countless to mention. Part have declared that the headset is rather huge and i will not ~ fit those users who have small-sized ears. A few have stated that they have the right to hear some of the headset’s components rattle if jogging. Joggers have likewise mentioned that the support band that goes approximately the ago of the head often moves up and down instead of continuing to be firmly in place. One Amazon user love the P311’s distinctive design and its reasonable price point:

These Bluetooth headphones are among the most distinct I have ever before used (and I have actually used quite a few). They are completely flexible and make it an extremely easy to wear. Overall, these space very an excellent headphones, and definitely priced best for the value you are getting.

Symaxio Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This headset also comes with a microphone, voice guidance modern technology and has actually a user-friendly light neckband style that is quite flexible. It likewise comes through a cost-free headset cover that is valued in ~ $12. Many retailers offer this wireless Bluetooth headset for around $25. It deserve to pair up v any an equipment that is Bluetooth enabled. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee for a no-risk purchase. The headset provides use the Bluetooth 3.0 modern technology to create terrific audio. The voice guidance role is rather handy as it help you keep track the the battery status and connection state. There are 7 hours of playtime, in between 4 and 6 hours of speak time, and 36 hrs of standby time.

Excellent audio qualityImpressive rangeUnique designMoney-back guarantee

Overall, buyers rave about the headset’s reception. You’ll have the ability to walk several feet far from her phone without a problem. Some have actually complained that it i do not care a little itchy as soon as worn because that an extended period of time. A handful has complained that calls room dropped and also that some calls nothing come through clearly. Also, the expensive in ~ a little under 50 bucks. Minor problems aside, this Amazon user claims the Symaxio headset is perfect because that calls due to the fact that of its terrific audio quality:

This is a very good value-priced Bluetooth headset that is best for human being have long sessions of listening come music but likewise need to be able to receive phone calls.

MaxWave Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

This pair of uber-comfortable wireless headphones come v a microphone and also is backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee. They room lightweight and carry out nearly perfect audio for those who want to hear to your tunes, sporting occasions or mobile calls while on the move. This headset have the right to be provided with phones, motorcycle helmets, computers, auto audio systems, and monitors. A cost-free headset cover is contained as well. That is a pretty great deal considering that it sells for about $40. This headset offers high bass, a vibrating call alert, and also a very long battery life. In total, yes sir 10 hours’ worth of speak time, 8 hours’ worth of playtime, and also a dozen work of standby time. Due to the fact that there is a built-in microphone, you can use the headset with video clip chats favor Google Hangout and Skype.

Suitable for prolonged useLong battery lifeExcellent audio quality
Flimsy components

In terms of negatives, some have complained that it feels a little on the cheap side. Lock argue the you deserve to pick up a pair of earbuds because that $10 or less and get the very same level the comfort and performance. Yet earbuds require a cord, so this isn’t that respectable that a complaint. There aren’t many much more negatives come speak of v this product. Some have stated that the blinking blue fee light can obtain annoying. A few have pointed out that the base doesn’t sound as solid as that should. Some have additionally mentioned that the user must organize his phone call 2 come 3 feet away from the headset in order because that it to role properly. Still, one Amazon customer is totally blown away by the MaxWave headphones’ in its entirety performance:

This headset has good sound and was incredibly easy to set up a pairing with my iphone phone 6. The call role is really effective and also the microphone picks up the voice much far better than various other Bluetooth headsets I have actually used in the past. Additionally at the gym the music playback feature is exceptionally convenient and also toggling between songs is really easy when on a playlist.

Advantages the Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

Think behind the neck Bluetooth headphones have actually a gimmicky design? There’s more to these headphones than the included convenience. Lock come through a host of features you won’t uncover in other headphones.

Longer Battery Life

Neckband headphones are not the sleekest looking headphones however they last much longer than their wireless, in-ear counterparts do. Due to the fact that these headphones are bigger than in-ear headphones, castle come v bigger, more powerful batteries. That method more time hear to her favorite tunes!

No Tangles

Two points that make these headphones better than traditional in or over-ear headphones is the absence of wires and also convenience. Because it depends on Bluetooth for connection, yes no need to deal with tangled wires. And also since behind the neck Bluetooth headphones are always ready to usage anytime, just chuck it in your bag or leave it on her neck and also you’re all set to go!


Neckband headphones might not look favor it, however these devices are very portable. Leaving it on your neck if she trying to save room in your backpack. It’s very sleek and also lightweight, making lock a solid commute or take trip companion.

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Practical Design

The behind-the-neck design ensures that the headphones stay in her ears even when you engaging in rigorous activities. These devices won’t mess your hair, they are perfectly positioned for hands-free calls, and they are much more comfortable come wear 보다 your average DJ-style headphones. The innovative design permits you to adjust the settings or controls simply as easily.